Monday, September 22, 2008


Chinese people are obsessed with weaning their kids.

When you successfully wean your kids off the pacifier, or the bottle or the diaper; old Chinese relatives will come up to you, shake your hand and lead you to your place in the hallowed halls of parenthood whereupon your name will be inscribed upon hugh marble tablets and displayed for the whole village to see.

On the other hand, if your child is at the ripe old age of 4 and still on the bottle and diaper, you will bring shame to your entire clan and distant relatives in an old forgotten shanty in the remotest part of China will commemorate this disgrace annually by thumping their heavy wooden clogs on a photograph of you.

Jesse turned 4 just last month but he still very much on the bottle and he needs his diaper at night. We decided early on to lay off his case and let things take their natural course. Besides, he's our little boy and we're not really rushing for him to grow up.

But last night, our little boy comes to that all-important decision. "Diapers are for babies," he proclaims out loud. "Jesse is a big boy already." And just like that, our boy is off the diaper. No fuss, no muss. His parents, however, are having trouble adjusting. Last night we slipped a plastic sheet under him, just in case. We also got up countless times to check the sheets. But no, he didn't need none of that. He was all good and ready.

Hmm... maybe next week, he'll stop using the bottle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



September 16, 2008. Elsewhere, life goes on... :)