Friday, May 26, 2006

Water Baby

Jesse loves water.

Which is fine, except that he's recently discovered that there's water to be found in the toilet bowl. Every morning, he'd wander into the john just to pull at the flush. This is fine, really. There's nothing cuter than a little boy flushing away mommy's poo-poo.

And then one day the temptation gets the better of him. He dips his hand in.

Even that I can handle. Really.

And then one day, the boy decides it might be fun to splash water around with Daddy's toothbrush.

And even that, I can handle. Except that Mommy thinks it's funny.

Now, I'm trying to convince him that Mommy's got a cooler toothbrush than Daddy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Easy-Peasy Pizza

Hey kiddies! Today, we learn how to make your very own pizza in a toaster oven. And you thought that toaster oven your Auntie Margaret gave you last Christmas was a piece of crap.

This is the Cheater's version, of course but it taste pretty good anyhoo. And when you're done you'll feel like the king of the world. Your parents will revere your culinary prowess. Men will worship the ground you walk on. Women will want to bear your children. And children will wish they came out of your loins!

Three items are essential for making pizza - the base, the sauce and the cheese. I use a Wholemeal Pita for the base. The shape is perfect and since it's pretty much bread, it'll cook easily. Buy these at Giant, or Tesco or any good hypermarket. For the sauce, buy one of those Spaghetti sauces in a jar. Since it's not sour or salty enough for pizza, you'll need to add tomato puree and a dash of salt. Everything else is just ingredient. For yesterday's dinner, I sliced up some sausages and browned them in a frying pan - don't hope for your toaster over to cook this. Lightly fry it first.

Add some tomatoes too. Dice them up and fry them in a pan. Same principle; the toaster oven just isn't gonna be able to cook this. Anyway I'd have preferred to slice them and sun-dry them but it was late and I was hungry. Heh! Next, you'll need cheese and it's gotta be Mozzarella for that rubbery, gooey texture. No two ways about it. Mozzarella. If you try my recipe with Cheddar or those sliced cheeses, I'll come there and smack you. Smear you sauce evenly on the base, scoop in your tomatoes and sprinkle on the Mozzarella generously.

Toast it in the oven for 5-ish minutes and you're all done. Feed it to your kid and watch him enjoy it. For yourself, sprinkle some McCormack's Pizza Seasoning and think of me fondly for showing you how to do this. *ahaks* Here's a recap of what you need:
One Toaster Oven
Some Wholemeal Pita
A Jar of Spaghetti Sauce
A Can of Tomato Puree
A Dash of Salt
Tomatoes, Diced and Fried
Sausages, Sliced and Browned
Mozzarella Cheese
There are some rules. One, use ONLY Mozzarella. Two, NEVER, ever, never use Tomato Sauce cos it's sweet and your pizza will taste stupid. Three, lightly cook your ingredients cos a toaster oven just doesn't get hot enough!

There. It even looks like a real pizza. Someone please pat me on the back, dammit! :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mama's Boy

poster boy for pizza parlors

Last week was Mother's Day and so Jesse brought Mommy to Italiannie's for some pizza and pasta. Pizza is Mae's favourite food, and evidently, also Jesse's.

The boy is at that stage in his life when mealtimes are like death sentences to him. He'll be kicking up a shitstorm and wailing his head off at the thought of having to eat real human food. At least that what Mae tells me. Apparently, Mommy and Kakak have been cooking the boy his food and he's been refusing to eat. But come Mother's Day at Italiannie's and the boy is stuffing his face with pizza.

I'm thinking maybe Mommy's cooking sucks eggs. Heh.

Monday, May 15, 2006

New Toy

boys nite out

I'm back! And I brought my new toy, a spanking new Nokia 6280. It's a great little phone with all the nifty features. A 2 MegaPixel camera, 3G, MP3 player, the works! This means I should to be showing more picture on this blog.

This shot of Jesse and his cousin Joshua-boy was taken at Tesco a couple of weeks back. That's Jesse's dopey haircut. For some reason, his hair takes forever to grow. So I guess he'll be looking like this for awhile. Poor kid.

That's it. I'm done showing off. See you tomorrow.