Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was only blogging about this a couple of weeks back. We bought Jesse a couple of Spiderman suits and he refused to put it on. Well, now he refuses to take it off. And he wants to wear it everywhere. To sleep, to school, to the mall. Ugh.

He's so into the whole thing that I thought it might be fun to teach him the Spiderman theme song. He loves it so much that we've downloaded YouTube videos of the song. There's the original from the 60s. And then there's that version from Michael Buble. And those from Aerosmith and the Ramones. He likes 'em all.

Here's a video.

I would have uploaded a few more videos but I'm a lazy ass. Live with it. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Back, Sort Of

It's been awhile since I blogged, hasn't it?

A couple of months back, my beloved beautiful black Apple MacBook crashed on me. Apparently the damn Seagate hard drive inside got jammed beyond all recognition. (Yes, I wanted to use a stronger word than "jammed" but this is a family blog. Heh!)

The computer was under warranty, but I was more concerned about the stuff inside.

"Didn't you back up?" people asked.

"It's a Mac, dammit," I said, insulted at the notion that us Mac-boys have to back up anything. "It's the best dammed computer in the world," I snapped, "nobody backs up a Mac."

Anyway, I sent the disc to a Data Recovery center in Singapore and they billed me RM600 just to diagnose. I paid. They opened it up, did some magic... and that did zip for the disk.

Thankfully I'm not as pig-headed as I allow myself to sound sometime. I did backup my stuff over the new year. But that was over 6 months ago. So I lost some work. And I lost photos of Jesse growing up.

Damn Steve Jobs owes me 6 months of my son's life. And the will to go on blogging. *sniff*

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Jesse is a big fan of Spiderman. Ever since I pointed the billboards out to Jesse, the boy had been smitten with the webslinger. And since Daddy too is a fan, the boy has a growing collection of Spidey merchandise.

To date, Jesse's got a Spidey bag, a Spidey tumbler, pencil sharpener, stationery, stickers, a soft toy, Spidey undies, slippers, the works! And he's really into it too. Reading the books, watching the movie. He can even sing the first verse of the Spiderman song.

"Honey, I think it's time we got the boy his very own Spidey suit," I suggest. And a couple of weeks back, we found our way to Petaling Street where we got him the suits - the regular red and blue one, and the hot and spicy black one. And we even picked up a couple of masks for him.

The boy loves his suits but for some strange reason, he never wants to put them on.

"No, no," he'd protest. "Too big," he'd add, along with a host of other feeble excuses just not to wear it. He's also against the idea of me putting on his Spiderman masks. He'd bow his head so as not to look me in the face and he'd go, "Daddy, take out!"

Weird kid. Still trying to figure him out.