Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jesse & The Chocolate Factory

"Daddy," my boy asked of me last week, "do you want to go to the chocolate factory?"

I was fascinated. Partly because Jesse was adept at articulating himself; but mostly because we were going to a chocolate factory. Then, my mind swirled in a vortex of endless free-flowing, creamy chocolate syrup as I drifted into caramel-flavoured, candy-coated, sugar encrusted fantasy factory, whereupon a tall flamboyant gentleman (who looked suspiciously like Johnny Depp) in a purple suit and top hat greeted me.

"They're just going to the Beryl factory," Mae said very matter-of-factly. "It's that local chocolate brand," she added. Mae has this unique gift of making the most enchanting journey sound mundane. You'd think she was force-fed chocolates as a kid. Heh.

"Do parents get to go?" I enquired. It was, after all, a field trip organised by Jesse's kindergarten, but I remained hopeful.

"Yes," the wife replied, "but do you really think we should?" Despite the fact that she too was considering it, Mae reasoned that Jesse would stick to us if we did indeed go. That would deprive our clingy little boy the experience of enjoying the trip with his little friends. *sigh* Besides, most of the other parents weren't going.

And so, tomorrow, Jesse goes to a chocolate factory. Meanwhile Daddy will stay at work wondering what it would be like to visit a chocolate factory.

Kids today have all the luck. When I was a kid, my teacher took us on a field trip to a shitty little farm where we saw cows and stepped in their shit. OMG, I think I hate my childhood. :P


  1. when i was younger, i got to go to a cookie factory. but of course i was much older, to make sure that i won't spit into the besen biskut.

  2. I don't even know where the choc factory is. Eh, where ah? Last time only get to go cake shop and see the bakers bake. :)

  3. eh..my kid also went to that choc factory...
    get to eat free choc leh..WAITAMINUTE! I paid for it, so not really THAT free leh...
    btw, my hub was force-fed chocs when he was a kid. serious....now he absolutely hates it. reverse psychology.....it works.

  4. Hey James,
    Perhaps Beryl offers weekend tours or something like that? My godsons went there with their parents last year...not sure if it was a field trip though.

  5. I just went the other day with a bunch of aunties. Seriously, there is nothing much there.
    And my colleague's son's school also organized the same thing, and guess what? The school charged Rm40 per person for it - adult and kids alike. And comes with one miserable lunch. You see how those people in school ruthlessly earn money from hapless parents. Be glad you didn't go.
    And.. remember Beryl of shit? Haha!

  6. What? You're lucky. I didn't even get field trips to farms. I just went to the local padang and stepped in cow shit and pretended that I was on a field trip to a farm.

  7. :lol: Ki, I thought only the big kids would think of something like spitting in the besen biskut!
    And you probably got some cakes out of it, rite, Primrose? I got cowshit.
    Poor hubby, MOTT.
    Really, Maggie? Hmm...
    Yeah, Gina. When the boy came back we tried to search him for some chocolates. Not a thing. *sigh*
    :lol: And I'm sure you learnt an important lesson that day, Fanboy.