Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kickin' It Baby Style

Little Tyke's been at it all night, kicking away at Mommy's belly. By now, she's developed a hearing so we're talking to her every now and then.

We also get Jesse in on the action. But he's not awfully clear of the concept, so he'll bring along his toys to "show" Baby. "Look Baby, this is my Iron Man toy," he'd tell her in his most educational tone, "boys like Iron Man!" It's the cutest thing ever to see him slowly slipping into his big-brother role. He's already decided that he'd wanna carry Baby and bathe her. :)

One night we asked the boy to put his face on Mommy's tummy to speak to Baby. "Go on Jesse," Mae advised, "ask Baby to kick for you."

"Give Korkor a kick-kick, Baby," he cooed in his baby voice. However, Baby wasn't quite ready to do that and so Mommy had to intervene. Mae tensed her stomach muscles to "fake" a baby kick and the boy was all ecstatic, his face glowing in wonderment of getting a response from his little sister.

Yeah, we cheated the little guy. But he was far too thrilled to notice. :)


  1. Sudah confirm ham chim peng ah?????

  2. aww I read your poyem. i kept thinking, christmas baby! but it was never to be. glad 100 plus sticks around. don't know what coke would do to my own koko who needs a gassy drink after each football match.
    and "Give Kokor a kick-kick, Baby" has gotta be THE cutest thing of the year!!! they mature 1034598347 older sibling years when they get a younger kiddo :D
    ..wait, i've got 3 younger people. what does that make me?!

  3. Notchet, Gina. Will have to reconfirm on our next visit.
    Eunice: Auntie, maybe? Heh. :)