Thursday, August 2, 2012

Under Where?

"Daddy," my son suddenly said in the elevator as we were heading out to school, a solemn look washed over his usually cheerful disposition. He continued, "yesterday was reaaalllly bad."

Jesse is 8 which, in my book, is still just a little kid. But sometimes he'd speak like an old soul, with all the right emphasis in just the right words, and the right look to match, creating all the right nuances in all the right places. Like this conversation we were having.

I was concerned, but I feigned a little callousness to diffuse the tension in the air.

"Why, what happened?" I casually asked.

"Yesterday, when Mommy took out my clothes for school," he explained intently, "she gave me Girl-Girl's panties." At that point, he started chuckling, "I didn't know until I got to school."

I laughed my ass off. How he managed to squeeze into his little sister's undies defies the laws of Physics. Maddie is just 3. Heheh.

And no, you're not allowed to embarrass him about it when you see him. That's his Daddy's job. :P


  1. That's cute. =) Thanks for sharing and bring smiles to everyone that is reading your blog.

    P/s: Welcome back.

  2. welcome back... read your blog way before mae was pregnant with jesse and now he's 8. OMG! i'm oldddd....ER :)

  3. Welcome back! :D

    Hahaha... Doesn't he feel uncomfortable?

  4. Omg Jesse is 8!!! How time flies! And yes, we missed you!

  5. Mabs: Thanks

    SUE: Didn't you use to blog? I've lost my bloglist ler. Dan out of touch now.

    Jason: Thanks! Well, kids underwear are pretty much all the same, I think. :)

    Minishorts: Thanks. Older and wiser, eh? :D

  6. Reading this a tad late but it's so funny. :) LOL!