Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hanging In There

We decided to go back to Dr. Huam, after a bout of bleeding. "Let's take a look," said Doc, as she fired up the Sonograph. By then, Mae and I were practically turning blue holding our breaths over the condition of our baby. We were worried.

The screen flickered as Doc moved the handpiece over Mae's tummy, trying to detect Baby.

Suddenly, the little tyke appeared onscreen and started threshing about, waving hands and kicking feet. "Lookit me, Daddy and Mommy!!! Look!!" Junior called out from the depths of Mommy's womb, as Mommy and Daddy stared at the monitor, bewildered at the amount of activity a 10-week-old could manage. It was like our child was reassuring us.

"Hey Doc," I asked, "think we could see the sex yet?"

"Oh, let's try,"
Doc responded enthusiastically, as she repositioned the scanner. As she did, I spotted it. There in between the little fella's legs was a little silhoutte. "It could be the umbilical cord," Doc reassured, thinking that perhaps Mae and I would be disappointed. But no, the wife and I stared at each other, grinning like a couple of well-fed hyenas. Boy or girl, we're gonna love this one to bits too, just like we do his big brother. :)

And no, it probably isn't the umbilical cord. Because, I could have sworn I saw a couple of nuts in that equation. Heheh.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Easy Ride

Mae is not having an easy time with our new baby.The morning sickness is as bad as it's ever been and she at it all times of the day. Whoever decided to call it Morning Sickness anyway? I'll wager it's a guy. *sigh*

Smells bother her terribly too. Our new place is ready but we can't move in just yet cos the smell of new paint makes her quite sick. The smell of her husband also makes her sick. Thankfully, she's only complained once. On the plus side though, she has a voracious appetite and wants to eat everything. But then, the down side to that up side, is that she pukes it all out after. *sigh*

There's also been a little bleeding. Perhaps a little too often for our liking. And the stress at her job isn't helping. Hopefully our baby will stay strong. :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hero Worship

Boys will be boys. We like our heroes and we wanna be them. Jesse started off with Spiderman. He'd sing the theme song, wear the costume and play the toys. Then he progressed to Superman - to the extent of ripping off his shirt in public too. Heh. Then it was Batman. Then it was Ultraman.

I'm really not as excited as I look. Promise.

Ultraman lasted for quite awhile too. To the point where Mommy and Daddy were chasing Ultraman around town, when he made his appearance here some months back. We paid good money and lined up like idiots just for a shot with Jesse's hero. Bought him plenty of Ultraman toys too. Thankfully these are relatively cheap if you get the el-cheapo China-made knock-offs. Then suddenly, lo and behold, he's onto something else.

"Daddy, can you buy me an Iron Man mask?" Jesse enquired. "And also Iron Man shirt?" the boy added. I haven't seen these anywhere. And besides, even if they were available, they'd be frickin' expensive. "Daddy will make you a mask," I countered. And as quickly as I had said it, I forgot all about it. But not the boy. Kids are like elephants. They never forget.

"Serves you right for making promises," the wife mocked. And so I ended up putting in some overtime at the office last night keeping my promise. Heh. Anyway, I cheated a little on the construction, but I intend to make it up someday. Hopefully, before he's on to the next thing. Still, he's all hyped-up about it. Even gave me a hug of appreciation. :)

Iron Man Jesse
Tony, Tony, Bo-Bony...

Oh, BTW, you hardly ever hear girls say they wanna be Wonder Woman or anything. But I once had a cousin who did proclaim with conviction, "I wanna be Wonder Woman!" Today, he's turned out to be a very gay and happy man. But I'm sure that was purely coincidental. *ahem*

And hey, eat some Goofy Pills.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mae and I have been consciously prepping our boy for the arrival of his new baby sister or brother. And we decided, it might be cool to include him in some of our decisions pertaining to our coming attraction.

"What name would you like to give our new baby?" I ask Jesse, half expecting him to say "Ultraman Dyna", or "Tony Stark". But that was not to be.

"Ethan!" he answers. A little too decisively for a four-year-old, I thought. Mae agreed. And so she pressed on, "Why?"

"So that Jesse can ask him," our little boy carefully articulates, "have you Ethan? (eaten)". And he proceeds to laugh his ass off at the little joke he made.

"See?" Mae scowls at me, "this is the kind of stuff you teach him."

I was, of course, guilty as charged. I said that to him that one day when he came home from visiting his little cousin, Baby Ethan. He thought it was hilarious. And now he's decided to return the favour.

I had taught my boy humour. Am I cool or what? :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Look

making a first impression

I gotta confess, both Mae and I had been so busy lately, we've been neglecting the new little one. We haven't really been thinking about what's happening inside. I suppose its all this familiarity of having gone through it all with Jesse, so perhaps the enchantment's not there anymore.

Even our visits to the doctor were very, erm, controlled. No sudden bursts of emotions. No stammering to talk. No nervous pacing in the waiting room. No gazing into each other's eyes in wonderment. Mae and I were just very composed.

And then, we saw her for the very first time on the sonogram. And suddenly I was reduced to a blustering idiot. "Look, look, look, th-th-that's her heartbeat!" I said to Dr. Huam, grinning from ear to ear. "Yes, you idiot, I know. It's my job, remember?" she replied impatiently. "Now getouttahere and stop getting spittle all over my expensive sonograph!"

Ok, so she didn't actually say that in words. But I could read her mocking eyes.

Anyway, all of a sudden, it all seems so real. All 22mm of her. And her tiny little heart thumping away. And only just 8 weeks and 6 days old yesterday. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.