Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tech Savvy

Last night, I came home with a nice little Disney Princess doll for Maddie. It's one of those cute little things that sings. This one sang a song in the tune of "I'm a little teapot". I figured, since my little girl is into singing now, she'd get a big kick out of it.

She did. For all of 2 minutes.

After that she ditches the damn thing, heads straight for the iPad instead, launching the YouTube app and playing some videos of nursery rhymes instead. *sigh*

Jesse is also big on YouTube. These days he's learning the words to Queen's "We Will Rock You".

Back in my day, the only piece of tech I got was a Viewmaster. It was one of those toys that looked into like a binoculars, with a cardboard disc that had slides on it. You clicked on the lever, and it took you through some 10 to 12 slides. And that, impressed the shit out of me. "Look Mommy, I'm watching a movie!" Never mind that it didn't have sound and the pictures didn't move. It was magic as far as I was concerned.

Our kids are tech savvy. 

Meanwhile, Mae still can't locate the YouTube app on the iPad. Heheheh.

It's okay Hun. One day when the world is decimated by a nuclear holocaust, and the world is relegated back to the dark ages, your rudimentary survival skills will see us through. Then you can show us who's boss.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loopymeals Returns

The Valentine of 2010 shall forever be a day of infamy. It was the day after Haloscan shut down for good and all the comments on this blog was unceremoniously dumped into Echo. Echo was fine as a comment system, but it lacked the elegant simplicity that Haloscan gave to blogs and commenters around the world. (It also cost USD10 a month which was frickin' daylight robbery!)

It took me awhile to ponder the fate of my comments. Do I pay the 10 bucks a month? Or risk losing my comments into the bottomless bowel of capitalism? I decided I could live with neither, and thus began my quest for an answer.

In the wee hours of a February morning that same year, I chanced upon the answer in Goat World. It was a miracle. But poring through the sacred text that was to bring my comments back home, I was quickly overwhelmed by the complex ritual I had to perform to such effect. The simple fool that I am, I was not meant for such a mammoth task.

And so I slipped into depression. I stopped blogging (at least not regularly). How could I go on, when the answer was right before me, yet I had no foreseeable way of undertaking it?

With a heart heavy laden with disappointment and dejection, I set out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery and meditation, and descended into a state of nothingness. I awoke in a prison in Bhutan where, after a scuffle with inmates in which I emerged victorious, it was made known to me of my assimilation into the clandestine and mysterious organization, the League of Shadows. Under the tutelage of it dubious yet charismatic leader, Ra's Al Ghul, I transcended the trappings of my ordinary life and found my thirst for truth and justice. Today, I return as Batman.

Heh. The real story is boring as heck, so I thought you might enjoy a little drama.

Anyways, all the comments and blog postings are back in one place, as it should be. It was a painstaking process that took me most of my weekend, but all 8,352 comments have been rescued! *sniff* I've also finally done some tweaking with the template. So I'm happy again. And a happy blogger is a busy blogger. Perhaps. Let's wait and see.

Old Loopymealsout with the old, in with the new

To Ellen Shapiro, you are awesome. I ♥ you much much!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New & Improved

Ok. Not necessarily. But this is a new template on the blog.

I was tinkering with the template and trying to figure out how to tweak some stuff when everything just went south. So instead of trying to crack my head over how to restore everything, I decided to just click one of them free templates they give you on Blogger. So here we are.

I'll take me forever to tweak this template. Look at how long it took me to start blogging again, and that should give you some indication how long this next enterprise will take.

And yeah, I lost all the old comments you left for me. It breaks my heart cos I really liked that you took the time to stop by and log in a few words. *sigh*

Stupid crap Echo comment system. Anyone knows how to migrate my old Haloscan/JS-Kit/Echo comments to Blogger? I'll buy you a nice dinner. :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Cry

Maddie is all of 23 months now. She's talking a lot these days, except the times when she actually wants something in which case she just wails her head off. *sigh* But yeah, she's picking up words and phrases and she parrots whatever we say to her.

But the cutest part of it is, she sometimes offers herself words of comfort, just like we would do whenever she was upset or afraid.

There was this episode when Mommy was leaving for work and poor little Maddie was being especially sticky. Mae tries to sneak out undetected, but unfortunately, the wife isn't quite cut out for such clandestine operations. Picture a buffalo stampede through your front door. Heh.

And so Maddie catches wind of Mommy less-than-graceful exit, and starts crying for Mommy. And in moments like this, I have a place in her world once again. I pick her up and she buries her face in my neck, sobbing her little heart out. And right there in between sobs and sniffles my cute, sweet little baby consoles herself. "Don't cry, Baby, don't cry".


"Don't you cry tonight. There's a heaven above you, Baby. Don't you cry tonight."