Friday, January 16, 2004

Hello World!

there's a new kid on the blog

Today is an auspicious day. For one, I finally got on the bandwagon of blogging. More importantly, today we got a glimpse of our baby. We had found out about her two weeks ago. As of now, she's 7 weeks and 6 days old. That's about all we know now. We don't know much more except she's doing well so far. We don't know if she's a boy or a girl, so we're just calling her Baby now. If you're wondering why I'm refering to the baby as a "she", well, let's just call that wishful thinking.

Baby's due out on 27 August 2004. And I can't wait. Today, when I saw her tiny little heart beat on the sonogram, I was completely overwhelmed. That's my little girl beating away!!! 55 days old and already making her daddy proud! :) And like every proud daddy, I'm showing her off to the world. The picture you see is the womb. That big black spot towards the right is the fluid that's surrounding Baby. And at the bottom of that black spot there, that's Baby!

She's a miracle of God. This blog is dedicated to that miracle.


  1. James' a dad now? Sometimes, if you don't believe in miracles, believe it now.
    I am not going to be a wet blanket for this issue. You know, I already did the wet blanket thingy on the phone when daddy excitedly announced to me about the baby before the pic is taken (whether is she going to look like daddy (tragic!!) or mommy (sweet)... and asked me to shut up till everything is confirmed.
    shutting up is quite a challenge for me as everybody know that i like to share good news (and bad news alike)of the world to everybody.
    So, daddy owes me a dinner.

  2. We can always count on you to NOT shut up, can't we? :P Pbbhhtt!

  3. Hi, came across your blog. Millions of Congrats to both you and your wife on your Baby!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting, MandY. :)

  5. Man ... Jesse gonna cry when he reads this ... lol a girl indeed!