Friday, May 11, 2007

Indecisions Indecisions

I have a client who can't make up his mind without consulting his horde of minions. Which is fine, except they're all monkeys.

"Hey monkeys," he'd ask them, "what do you think of this new brand identity design."

"Ooohh ooohh aaahhh ahhh!!!"
they'd screech in unison, "Monkey wants bananas!"

That's when he'd come up to me and say, "Sorry James," almost apologetically. "I like it, but I think my guys prefer something yellow."

This started out as a rant. I was all huffy and puffy and about to blow the house down and then I ended up amusing myself very much with my own clever little story.

Cheaper than therapy and just as effective. Viva blogging!


  1. eh? the web phantom has been here?
    where did my comment go?
    "if they're the monkeys.....the boss must be a baboon".. "publish"..oh! so! carefully!

  2. hahaha...good for u money on therapy then buy lots of bananas to bribe the still, those monkeys are not worth pleasing anyway...XP

  3. You're not doing any work for DiGi, are you? :lol:

  4. glad that at frustrated times, your humour remains intact :)

  5. Hmm MOTT, I think you're right, the boss must be a baboon! :)
    No worries, Leonard, monkeys do eventually learn. Usually the hard way.
    Bonnie, you're not getting this one out of me. Bwahahah!
    Thanks for saying so, SC. But what else can I do. It was either laugh about it, or slit my wrists. :)

  6. Aaaahhhh....NOW I remember why I stopped doing graphic design work.....I see I see. Thanks for reminding me so that I don't step into the same pithole again. These bargers keep on brainstorming trying to twist our brains!

  7. Hahh, only designers can understand this rant, Marsha! :lol: