Friday, May 25, 2007


shiver me timbers... arrr!

Jesse's kindie holds a Pirates Party.

We bought the boy a plastic sword and a bandana, snipped up some clothes and a belt, and drew him a seafood tattoo. Too bad we can't put an eyepatch on him, otherwise he might have had a real shot at Best Pirate Costume award.

I sent him to school and called Mae after. "Did the other kids have better costumes?" the wife asked, to which I answered in the affirmative. "Aww, you should have drawn him a moustache like I asked you to," Mae sighed with regret.

Mae is a soccer mom.

Me, I've found my calling in life. Making costumes for my kid. :)


  1. yo ho ho and a bottle of rum eh, Jesse?

  2. If Jesse was at the Nuffnang event, he would have definitely won the best pirate competition and won a trip to Singapore!

  3. i must say, the costume was really well done! did you cut the hems of his pants or memang lidat one?

  4. that looks like a power rangers sword.

  5. He should have own an eye patch! And mascara perhaps like Captain Jack Sparrow!

  6. Hey!
    Jesse looks way too cute to be an "arrrrrrrr...matey" pirate!
    Look at those innocent eyes....

  7. how cool is that? how come not a tatoo of a skull? LOL!

  8. Hey...he should go to school like that EVERY DAY!

  9. Soooo cute.. yeah.. the moustache/beard would've helped a lot..
    "Arrr.. Arrr.. Me Matey!! Let's get 'im to walk the plank!"
    a pirate who got his pants at Cartoon Network wow..
    btw.. whose belt is that.. looks kinda small.. :P

  10. Haha dressups are fun. Jessie-Depp can act as Jessie Sparrow forth Pirates of the Caribean 4th installment. WHEE!

  11. Whoa...Jesse looks really kewte! Bet all d little girls swooned over him *lol*

  12. Nope MOTT, seeing as how Jesse's still just a minor we'll settle for Rum Pum Pum and a bottle of Yeo's. :)
    LOL, Jason, but who'll take him there?
    I'm a maniac with scissors, Simon. :lol:
    You're probably rite, Yuin. But for all of RM6.99, we're not complaining.
    You can never put an eyepatch on the boy, Gina. *sigh*
    :lol: Don't let them innocent eyes fool you, Maggie.
    Lazy to draw skull lah, Eggy.
    Indeed, Fanboy. Though I think I'd enjoy it more that he would.
    Yeah, paulos, Mae insisted I draw him a moustache but I forgot. The belt was mine. I snipped it.
    They are indeed, Amy-zing. Love the nick, BTW.
    *ahem* Chun. :)

  13. Well..! you got a handsome pirate there.. James..!

  14. Yo dude .. I couldn't locate your e-mail address in my Address book so I thought I'd cue you in on this event :
    Also thought you might wanna know that girl #2 is on the way ;)

  15. Kewl pirate costume .. so he likes pirate of the carribean??? :)

  16. Thanks MamaBok.
    Congrats Bob. Thanks for the link.
    No, Twin. He never saw it. :)