Friday, November 7, 2008

Garlic Man Returns

Once again, Garlic Man, the caped crusader of the culinary condiment comes a-calling. And along for the ride, his new trusty sidekick, Garlic Boy! Poor Mommy doesn't stand a chance.

Last weekend, I take the boy for a day out, just to give Mae a little peace and quiet. In her current condition, she's really not up to moving about and so Daddy takes over entertaining the boy. After a long day out, father and son, with maid in tow, decide to sit down to a nice meal of Teppanyaki.

Jesse hardly ever eats, and so when he started digging into his Chicken Teppan, I was elated. I was even more so, when he started walloping those lovely crispy garlic bits that come with every serving of Teppanyaki. My boy was eating everything now!

Unfortunately Mae doesn't share my enthusiasm.

"You fed the boy garlic?" Mae groaned, her face pale with disgust, "I can smell it off of the both of you." And this, despite the fact that we had showered and brushed our teeth.

And so, there was no love that night. Garlic boy slept and arm-length from Mommy while Garlic Man enjoys his newfound singlehood on the living room couch. *sigh*


  1. Wah... kids eating garlic?? first time i heard this! I tot Sasha eating kerang is a bit too weird for us! Haha!

  2.'s dem deelicious...
    But.. then again, anything fried tastes dem good!
    Poor Mae..I know how that feels..take care

  3. But but but... Garlic is nice! So is onion too! :D

  4. Wah, kerang a bit too hardcore lah, Gina.
    You are a woman after my own heart, MOTT. I shall buy you a fried garlic meal someday. :lol:
    Yes they are, but try telling that to a pregnant woman, Jason. :)

  5. Sasha eats kerang, lala and sotong. Those smelly stuff.. and sambal too! And Lok Lok loves kiam he! HAHAHHAHAHHA! Geez!

  6. Gotta be your influence lah, Gina.