Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hanging In There

We decided to go back to Dr. Huam, after a bout of bleeding. "Let's take a look," said Doc, as she fired up the Sonograph. By then, Mae and I were practically turning blue holding our breaths over the condition of our baby. We were worried.

The screen flickered as Doc moved the handpiece over Mae's tummy, trying to detect Baby.

Suddenly, the little tyke appeared onscreen and started threshing about, waving hands and kicking feet. "Lookit me, Daddy and Mommy!!! Look!!" Junior called out from the depths of Mommy's womb, as Mommy and Daddy stared at the monitor, bewildered at the amount of activity a 10-week-old could manage. It was like our child was reassuring us.

"Hey Doc," I asked, "think we could see the sex yet?"

"Oh, let's try,"
Doc responded enthusiastically, as she repositioned the scanner. As she did, I spotted it. There in between the little fella's legs was a little silhoutte. "It could be the umbilical cord," Doc reassured, thinking that perhaps Mae and I would be disappointed. But no, the wife and I stared at each other, grinning like a couple of well-fed hyenas. Boy or girl, we're gonna love this one to bits too, just like we do his big brother. :)

And no, it probably isn't the umbilical cord. Because, I could have sworn I saw a couple of nuts in that equation. Heheh.


  1. Hope everything's fine! Keeping fingers crossed! We will wait for baby Valentino! Haha!

    glad to hear d lil tyke is doing well!!!

  3. Everything is fine, Gina. Thanks. :)
    Thanks MOTT!

  4. Well..Congrats..!!! sorry i am so late..! been really out of commission for a few months.. 2 operations.
    i am really happy for you and mae.. :)