Tuesday, December 23, 2008


For our vacation this year, we decided it might be nice to go to the beach again. Jesse loves the beach and since Mom was also in town, we took a short break at Port Dickson. This time around, we decided to stay at the Avillion.


all hands on deck

Avillion is lovely little resort in Port Dickson. Accommodations are wooden chalets on stilts. The balcony overlooks the tide, which is always a lovely thing. Jesse spent so much time out on the balcony that we had to keep it lock at nights in case the kid sleptwalk himself out and over. :)

Petting Zoo

pets galore

Despite being quite old now, Avillion still has plenty of things going for it. There is the chalets, of course. There is the open roof shower for some al fresco showering experience. There's a nice family pool, and one more for adults only. And there's plenty of activities for kids, including a game room, and a nice petting zoo.

Beach Bum

beach bum

The highlight for Jesse, however, is the beach. This is a kid who really loves his sand. Thankfully, the staff at Avillion keep their stretch of private beach in great shape - removing ever single shred of rubbish by hand, including dry leaves and junk the ocean washes up. Strangely, however, he refuses to touch the water. Which is not a bad thing since PD water is kinda icky. :)

Two grouses, though. The damn restaurant's too small. Every morning, we have had to wait in line for 30-45 mins just to get a table for breakfast. It's a pain. The other complain is the lack of parking space on the vicinity. We had to park across the road and take a treachrous walk across a busy street just to get back to the hotel.

Anyway, it was a lovely idyllic holiday. Too bad we couldn't afford to stay another night. *sigh*


  1. eat outside lah next time... plenty of good food around PD :)

  2. Why Port Dickson looks so nice in your photos? You really know how to take good photos :)

  3. yeah lah.. eat outside. Like us, we always go to Mutiara for the butter crabs.. anyway, we had been there before a long time ago with the gang, remember??
    I love Avillion. :D

  4. this is unbelievable, but i've become a huge fan of this blog!
    happy new ear, hope you dig it. keep it clean.

  5. Free breakfast wor, egghead. Sure eat in lah!
    You're very clever, Jessen. :)
    Dinner and Lunch outside, Gina. Same place we ate with the gang last time.
    Thanks Lisa.
    Happy new ear to you too, Eunice. Welcome to our little home on the internet. :)