Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sex Talk

Sorry kiddies, its not that kind of sex talk. :) But seeing as to how family and friends have been speculating about the sex of our 2nd child, I thought I'd talk a little bit about that.

My father is convinced that our new baby would be a girl. "Just look at Jesse," Pops said, pointing to that twist in Jesse's hair where his parting line began. "It's off to the side." Apparently, if a kid's parting starts at the centre of his head, his sibling will be the same sex as he is. At least that what my father says.

Mae has her theories too. "Look at my breakout," she says pointing at her less-than-porcelain complexion. "While boys will give you beauty, girls will rob you of them," says my still-lovely-and-beautiful wife. *Ahem!

Mom is far less scientific. "I think it'll be a girl," she proclaims, "because I'd like a grand-daughter." She then crumbles under the pressure of her own prediction. "Maybe it'll be a girl," she says but only to finally settle for, "I hope it's a girl". Poor Mom had always wanted a girl but fate dealt her a three-of-a-kind Jacks instead, in her real life game of... erm... poker. Heheh.

Big Brother is Watching
big brother is watching

Anyway, during our last visit to the doctor, we had spotted a dark shadow between Baby's legs, putting the matter to rest, at least for awhile. Until yesterday, when we visited Dr. Huam again.

We looked intently on the screen as the good doctor carefully negotiated the handpiece all over Mae's tummy. As she did, Baby gave us quite a show, moving arms and legs about, yawning and just plain being cute. At least as cute as a foetus could be. Jesse was thrilled that he was starting to recognise bits of his little sibling on the ultrasound. Then came the highlight.

"I dun see anything there," I said. Doc nodded, "Yup, it looks like it might be a girl." And there was joy and laughter all around. In any case, we'll have to reconfirm on our next visit in January. Who knows, the little tyke may be hiding his family jewels. But as of now, it's a girl.

Good girl!


  1. Hahah..i can relate very well to your mom. I'd like a girl too...but... as long as it's healthy.. it's all good.

  2. Waaa...after reading ur post...I am hoping it's a girl too...It got to be a girl!!!

  3. Hey James! Congrats to you and Mae!!
    Looking forward to another lil one, eh? I love the first few months when they are totally dependent on you. So cuddly and adorable. And obedient. :D
    I heard that your first child is an indication of what will follow.My girl was always mistaken for a boy when she was a baby. So I had a boy. My boy was always mistaken as a girl. I think my next one should be a girl. But hubs refuses to verify that theory! :D

  4. I also hope it's a girl! :D
    *keeping fingers crossed*
    Let's hope Mae gets all the breakouts for all the right reasons. LOL!

  5. I dunno Egghead. What odds are you offering? :)
    MOTT, I told Mae that if it's a boy again, we'll just have to keep trying till we get it right. Hhahah!
    Thanks Ponytail Hope you're right.
    Ok Kat. That theory, I have never heard. Hopefully it's wrong. Jesse was never ever girly. :lol:
    What are the wrong reasons for break out, Gina? :lol: