Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last of the True Taste of Taiping


ckt at its best - charcoal-fried

No prize for guessing what I ate in Taiping last week.

While most Malaysian's are familiar with Penang Char Kuey Teow, not many know of the Taiping variant of the dish. It's very much like Penang's, except ours is far superior. Heh. This is attributed in no small part to the fact that the best stalls in Taiping make their CKT on a good ol' fashioned charcoal stove, lending the dish a nice, smoky flavour. Unfortunately, it's a dying trade. Most hawkers these days take the easy way out with a gas stove.

My favourite place is no longer there. The poor lady who use to ply her trade in Taiping's Greenhouse Area, had been plagued with all kinds of health problems. Last time I was there, she was still recovering from a gallstone removal. These days, she's no longer there, and I fear the worse.

But all is not lost. In the old market square of Pokok Assam, the Fu family is still going on strong, having been here for over 20 years now, doing it the old-fashioned way. Old Mother Fu (heh!) is still doing this, and thankfully for us Taiping CKT lovers, her son, Chong, is taking up the mantle. Not nearly as good as my favourite place, but it's a good enough substitute if you're looking for that authentic Taiping taste. Open from late evenings up till 1:00am, whenever they feel like it. To avoid disappointment, call beforehand.

Go here for the GoogleMap. Call Fu at 012-562 4088.


  1. Have you labeled all the other Taiping food?
    Time for a road trip to Taiping this coming holiday. Hehe.

  2. Heh. Maybe I will label all other Taiping food, Jason. Let's see what happens.

  3. Eh.. I tried the one under the tangki. Not overly fantastico lor. Haha! Prefer the one in Port Weld. But, I think no more there, too.

  4. thanks for sharing. do you like char kuih kat ? if yes, you should try the one in Kampung Boyan, infront of the Cherry Hotel (row of shoplots). The best in town.

  5. Nice... More taiping food here lah. It will take you few days just nice to finish off the food and visiting.