Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mother vs Wife

"If you mother and I both fell into the ocean," said an ex-girlfriend, carefully articulating her words, "and you could save only one, who would you save?" Hahah. Sure, every girl wants to know this, but it takes a special girl (namely the ones who should be enrolled into a special school) to actually ask it. But yesterday, this scenario played out in reality.

Mom had gotten her cataract removed last week. Between her boys, we all decided that we would take turns going home to care for her, and also to take her. Although cataract removals are far more advanced that ever, with laser technology, faster healing, no bandages and all, no mother can ever have enough of good ol' fashioned TLC. And so, we boys set out to do our filial duty.

I had taken a week off of work for my shift. I was all packed and ready to go when Mae woke up looking like wilted white flower in a shitstorm.

"My stomach hurts," she winced in pain, clasping her enormous belly.

Here I was, on my way to being a good son, and there she was, my wife, expecting me to be a good husband and father. It should have been an easy choice, but I was torn nevertheless.

"Ma, Mae is sick," I told her, my voice wavering in grave concerned, "I'm taking her to the Gynae. I might not be able to come back today."

I hated myself for disappointing her. I had been a shitty son for some years now, and just when I was about to make right with her, this was happening. But Mom, bless her, was bigger than that.

"I'm fine," she said. "Stay home and take care of Mae."

And so I did. I took Mae to Dr. Huam and both mother and baby are fine. Mom's fine too, cos I got Jeff to bring her down to my place so I can watch over all of them. Thankfully, Mom's follow up visit to her doctor isn't due for another couple of weeks. Jesse's happy too since he always looked forward to his Mah-Mah visiting. And so, all is well in the LoopyMeals household once again.

And yeah, back to that loaded question at the start of this post; there is only one correct way to deal with a question like this. Remember you heard it here first. :)

"I'd let the both of you drown," I told the silly arse of a girlfriend "then I can get a new girlfriend, and my mother won't be around to stop me."

"Between my mother and you," I told Mae in mock seriousness, as we drove to the hospital, "I choose you." And despite her unbearable pain, she found the strength to answer me. "You're such an idiot!" But out of the corner of my eye, I saw it - a shit-eating grin from ear-to-ear.


  1. your answer will only make both girl and mum to gang up on you... choose one out of two cuts the damage by half.... LOL!

  2. LOL...I love your answer, best one I've heard so far! =P

  3. hmm...the boyfriend never ask this question...between your Dad and me...who would you save? :P
    "I'd let the both of you drown," I told the silly arse of a girlfriend "then I can get a new girlfriend, and my mother won't be around to stop me."
    This line got me laughing so loud...hahahha
    I think can be use for the Dad and BF scenario also...good one!

  4. LOL!!! My gawd! Which gf is this? Any of the FCUK? LOL!!
    Mae sakit mah.. not on purpose. I know she is genuine.. unlike some ppl, just make the pain for drama only. Too bad it's happening in my house hold.

  5. Ahhh.. but this case different. You chose your wife AND dotter. See, saving 2 lives over one.. :D
    How's your neck? Must be better, since you can come up with that gerfren-mother gem.. :lol:

  6. you had better not let your gf see this... lOl

  7. No Egghead, you gotta go for broke. Heheh.
    Why thank you Sooyin. I'm assuming you've asked this question? Hahahah!
    No Ponytail, men dun ask such things. Not real men, anyways. :lol:
    FCUK, Gina? Hmm....
    No Kat. The neck's gotten worse but I laugh in the face of pain. Hahahaaaaouch!
    Which gf, Iris? The ex or the current. Kakakakaaka!

  8. if my memory serves, i think YOU also asked that question before! HAHAHA u silly arse enrolled in a special school!

  9. Aaahh Bonnie, this brings back such fond memories. Heheheh!