Thursday, August 26, 2010

Six Years of Jesse

Jesse is six today.

It wasn't all that long ago when he was just an itch in my groin a baby. And suddenly, lo and behold, the boy is six.

Suddenly, he's all independent and stuff. Suddenly he doesn't need Daddy to switch on the lights for him anymore. Suddenly he's operating the DVD player all on his own, and working the iPhone. Suddenly he's Googling, and reading his own bedtime stories. Suddenly he doesn't need Daddy to wipe his ass anymore.

And suddenly I miss it all. Except maybe that last one.

He's even begun dictating the terms of his birthday celebration. "Daddy, for my birthday, I want to go the the place," he explains, "where we eat the fish on the leaf, with the Roti Canai and the sugar."

It used to be McDonald's. But my little boy is all grown up now. *sniff*

In other news, Little Maddie is on her way into her McDonald's phase very soon. Ah, the stories I have to tell. :) More blogging!!!


  1. I was wondering the whole day whose bday is it today.. and now, I remember! It's Jesse's! Happy birthday Jesse!

  2. Wow! 6 years since I finished college. :)

    I remember reading and reading and anticipating his birth.. ahhh..little Jesse. :) You are one proud and lucky daddy!

  3. Happy birthday, Jesse! May you grow taller, stronger and as handsome as your daddy. :D

    Yeah, can't believe I read your blog for that long too and unlike Jayelle, I'm still stuck in my uni. :|

  4. When I first read your blog and when you designed the Heart4Hope t-shirt to help me, Jess was just a newborn!

    It looks like God gave you the gift of parenthood so that you can tell us sweet parenthood stories.