Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Cry

Maddie is all of 23 months now. She's talking a lot these days, except the times when she actually wants something in which case she just wails her head off. *sigh* But yeah, she's picking up words and phrases and she parrots whatever we say to her.

But the cutest part of it is, she sometimes offers herself words of comfort, just like we would do whenever she was upset or afraid.

There was this episode when Mommy was leaving for work and poor little Maddie was being especially sticky. Mae tries to sneak out undetected, but unfortunately, the wife isn't quite cut out for such clandestine operations. Picture a buffalo stampede through your front door. Heh.

And so Maddie catches wind of Mommy less-than-graceful exit, and starts crying for Mommy. And in moments like this, I have a place in her world once again. I pick her up and she buries her face in my neck, sobbing her little heart out. And right there in between sobs and sniffles my cute, sweet little baby consoles herself. "Don't cry, Baby, don't cry".


"Don't you cry tonight. There's a heaven above you, Baby. Don't you cry tonight."


  1. >Aww.. she sounds like such a little cutie, a little daddy's girl through and through.

  2. >MG: I wound round her little finger. Hehh