Friday, February 21, 2014

What the Hell?

If Hell had a showroom, our bedroom is it.

At nights, I go to bed in the hottest place on earth. These days, in this weather, we're clocking about 30-odd degrees Celsius.

Mae doesn't like the cold one bit. She also hates moving air, hence the fan is kept at the lowest speed. We also don't open the windows because my lovely wife is convinced that right outside, is a swarm of vicious mosquitoes hellbent on killing her.

"Honey, no matter how cold you get, you can always put on another blanket, or another layer of pajamas," I reason with her, "but I can't do anything more than removing all my coverings."

But no, Mae likes it Hellish.

Despite the unforgiving temperature, for some reason Jesse and Maddie like to bunk with us. That's when we get to experience a little of the "wailing and gnashing of teeth" as well.

*sigh* What's up with the weather anyway?


  1. The haze is back.. (and so am I). :) How's the little family? How old are Jesse and Maddie now?

  2. You write so well! Why've you stopped? O:

  3. Haha...i do face the similar experience with d husband anti aircond. son kicking any blankets covering him. End up sweating till fall asleep.

  4. Raining is the sound of sad they said. I think you just need to enjoy the moment.