Friday, January 13, 2006

Goodbye Big Blue

ticket to ride

A couple of weeks ago, we bade farewell to our blue breadtruck.

Mae and I got our blue Citroen Berlingo during the Boxing Day of 2002. It was our first car as husband and wife, and after having spent a small fortune getting married and moving in together, it was all we could afford. Before Big Blue, I drove a cool Citroen ZX. It was a wonderful car but it was also falling apart - costing quite a bit to repair. And since no one would take in our ZX, we went back to Citroen who welcomed us with open arms.

Big Blue wasn't a cool car. You'd be forgiven if you thought Mae and I were in the confectionary business. And it wasn't terribly fast too. But it was a fun car and it served us well. We brought home Jesse's baby cot in it. We bought tons of groceries with it. We carried furniture in it. It was a heckuva spacious car that ran on very little gas.

So when we decided to let it go, we let Jesse get in the front seat one last time. He always loved getting in the driver's seat since there was so much to do there. And so he got up front and did his thing - flicking the switches, turning the steering wheel and fiddling with the stereo. Finally, we took him out and explained to him that we'd be selling the car. When he waved bye-bye to the car, it was almost heartbreaking. *sigh*

So yeah, Big Blue is now in the hands of her new owner. Our new ride comes next week. Hopefully.


  1. 3 years then sell liao ah? why no sell to me :P

  2. oooh what's the car...
    *i haven't got my dress for julia's wedding... panics*

  3. hmm who's minishorts.. she knows Julia too? feb 25?
    anyways.. .will miss the Berlingo.. hope it's another identifiable car that we'll see in church...
    *heh heh.. we could tell if James and Mae were in church or not by looking at the cars parked*

  4. So really ah?? Getting that Citroen C5???

  5. you're commuting now?:D

  6. Hmm yummy.. but.. you know.. an MPV would be good for a "growing" family..
    james, mae, jessie, roma and.. .more to come? ho ho ho..
    my ex-cg leader is selling off his BMW for an MPV.. *sigh* such is the changes a man has to do... trading one toy for another... *yeah baby = toy* ka ka ka.. just kidding..

  7. old car don't go, new car don't come marr..
    sell sell sell, and then buy buy buy..

  8. And here I thought you were talking about the Big Blue of IBM. LOL!

  9. I also suspense, Jason. :lol:
    Hahah... not too many ppl want to drive a Citroen, Egghead!
    No biggie, Minishorts, go rent somethinglah.
    Well, still not ready for a 7-seater yet, Paulos. Maybe in a few more years.
    Not C5 lah, Gina.
    No Jayelle, now driving father-in-law's car. :)
    Good point, Jee.
    I said goodbye to that Big Blue long ago when I switched to Mac, Danny! :lol:

  10. Ohmy...what a gem! (Sorry, just that I love French cars after having seen what they can really do on the road!)
    So what did you get for its replacement?

  11. No money for C8 lah, Babe. :)
    Ah yes, you have good taste. Will post photos real soon, Mei. Stay tuned.