Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nanny Cam

It's 4:20am. I'm watching The Practice and eating tapioca chips. I'd go back to bed but I suspect the kid will wake up for milk soon. For some reason, he's stopped eating his solids again. He might be teething. In any case, feeding him can be infuriating, especially since he can now express himself in the negative by shaking his little head vigorously, going, "Nonononono..."

It's so frustrating that I sometimes wanna grab a handful of porridge and stuff it in his face. Heh. And he's my kid. Can you imagine if he were not? I sometimes worry that Roma might vent her frustration by bopping him on the head when we're not watching. Or worse.

Which is why I'm in the market for a NannyCam. Any suggestions, anyone?


  1. I don't think I can trust someone else (other than my family members) to look after my kid... my uncle did the nanny cam thingy with a Logitech web cam... maybe you can try it out :)

  2. we just got rid of our two and a half week old maid. big drama. sigh

  3. For your own peace of mind.. i think .. you should do the cam thing, i donch like doing it to my babysitter or to chloe's caregivers.. but i need to .. for the safety of my daughter.. and if i suspect that something is not right.. and i do nothing about it.. i would not be able to forgive myself.
    Having said all the above.. children do sometimes not wanna eat.. for various reasons.. so James.. it's entirely your call here.
    Good luck.. and i hope all is well.. after the nanny cam.. :)

  4. hey james, if you have a Maxis 3G mobile phone, u could use their Maxis Remote Surveillance service and access the live streaming from wherever you are. Very convenient that way.

  5. nannycam put where ? put toiulet har ? hahaha oi taikor u got msn ? email me leh plz

  6. Hey, I'm in the lookout for nanny cams too, keep us updated on your choice :P

  7. Just install one of those pinhole cameras.. or IP cameras.. hook it up to your router at home.. .. then voila.. sign up to maxis 3G and there you have it.
    I was just talking to a video streaming application house.. and it all sounded very interesting. :)
    we should also have a daddy cam..
    btw.. i've signed up for Fitness Network.. already been there once. .going again tomorrow morning.

  8. donno about cams but kids do sometimes not eat
    i met this kid out lunch the other day - he only ate greens!!! Would u believe it?? A kid that ate only greens and said no to rice n meat hummm

  9. Here's a suggestion for hardware that is :
    There's the cheap logitech camera as suggested above
    A bit more work, you can visit Low Yatt Plaza in KL where there's a shop that specializes in what you're looking for

  10. How did it work out for your uncle, Egghead?
    Husband: Oh no, I hope you guys are doing ok.
    No MamaBok, the eating bit doesn't really bother me.
    Thanks for the tip, Adriene. But I think your suggestion might require at least a PC at home, which I don't have. *sigh*
    :lol: Wingz, if I put toilet, I 'll be monitoring in secret. BTW, will mail you.
    Will do, Sue!
    I was considering a pinhole cam, Paulos, but I think I'd need to have a PC at home. Anyway to set this up without having to install a PC?
    Hahha, actually I have met two kids like that. And they hate chocolate too, Visithra. Beat that!
    Thanks P, I will shop around in LowYatt. I'm trying to find a set up that is as inconspicuous as possible - no PC!

  11. hi james,
    maxis remote surveillance doesn't need a pc at home. it needs a camera which can "salur" to internet, a streamyx internet connection, and a Maxis 3G phone.
    ok, enuf pimping maxis :D

  12. i think let jesse dictate his meals. when hungry, he'll eat. tell roma not to force him. Is this the only reason you think roma will "thump" him?

  13. trick for kids are teething.
    cut round slices of cucumber and chill them in the fridge until it's slightly cold.
    then let the kid chew on them. it will cool down his gum a lot.
    growing up with a perpetually endless numbers of cousins, nieces and nephews, this was the one thing that work against teething.
    natural remedy that is.

  14. Adriene, is there a camera out there that can connect to the internet without a PC?
    MOTT, he never eats. Never. Hahahha!
    Thanks for the tip, Wena. I might bite into a few myself since I have a bit of toothache!

  15. My Daughter went thru that stage too when she didn't want to eat anything, what am i talking about she still doesn't want to eat anything, that we give her that is, she would happily eat anything that everyone else is eating! I was taught to give her small amount of different variety so that she gets to choose what she wants, so that she does eat a little, those that are left over, just give it to her as snacks.
    You could try that with him. :)