Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Day at the Salon


Finally, at long last, Jesse gets his first haircut (Technically, Grandma had the first snip but let's never talk about that ever again). The boy had started to look Ozzy Osbourne and that can never be a good thing. And so we took him to the neighbourhood salon for a trim. Mae held him, while hairclips held his attention.

It was quick and painless for all concerned - except for Mae. The boy refused to have that big plastic sheet wrapped around him and so Mommy had to endure bits of the boy's hair all over her. As you can imagine, she was itching all over by the time he was done.

So yeah, we had a haircut and survived. The stylist did an okay job. She was able to sneak in a snip or two everytime Jesse was distrated and was all done in under 15 minutes. Clever girl. And cute too... *ahem*

The boy! I mean the boy. With the new hair and all. Heh.


  1. fuss free hair cut... that's what all parents hope for from their toddlers!!
    p/s: where does this cute and clever girl works? :P

  2. dude... promise me you won't traumatise the kid and give him crew cuts as he grows up..
    unless you want him to be called "Durian head", "Coconut head", "Rambutan Head" etc etc

  3. we never get this fuss free haircuts from my biys. Wish we did. He will be wailing, turning away, pushing during his haircut. At the end of the haircut, he will be smiling, coz daddy will get him a lillipop!

  4. Haha! Huuray!! Another difficult task completed.
    Oh man, she sure is cute. The hair dresser... :P
    Jesse also very cute... :D

  5. wahh! james with wifey and kiddy also wanna cuci mata. i agree the girl who cut jesse's hair is cute. :)
    well thank god jesse does not throw a big fuss refusing to sit still to have his hair cut.

  6. Is this the girl who looks like a cantopop Jlo? No wonder my nephew looks happy.

  7. Ahh alas Jesse had his 'offical' hair cut. Bravo...

  8. "official" ..... oh really ?? XDXD

  9. Wah.. so salon some more ah? What happen to the old style mamak barber? Heh.

  10. wah, cut hair at the salon. I can never imagine myself to bring Amir there.. Perhaps we need a cute kakak to cut also. Heheh.. As for now, hubby will do the job while he's sleeping.

  11. Wah, Jesse has grown to be really cute. :)

  12. nxt time ask mae to wear the plastic wrapla..that's what i did.

  13. mott is so smart.. ha ha ha.. if you can't lead the horse to the hose.. bring the hose to the horse.. ha hahha
    anyways.. hope Jesse doesn't have to go snip something else in the future.. ha ha ha.. will daddy get him snipped or not? *blink blink*

  14. Hah, where all the cute and clever girls work, in Kepong Maluri, Egghead. :lol:
    I'll make sure that I shave it completely, Paulos. Heh.
    Aww, hang in there, Geetha. Maybe they'll get the hang of it.
    Makes you wanna go out and get a haircut, eh Jason?
    He was fidgeting a little, Lucia, but we managed to keep him entertained with hairclips and brushes. :)
    Why, thank you, MamaBok.
    Ah, JLo is at that other place, Laan!
    Thanks Silly Pat, Visithra!
    I'm thinking it was a bigger milestone for us that for him, CheCheh!
    I have no idea what you mean, Leo! :)
    No good, Gina, they like to snip your ears off. Please refer to this
    Whoa Hazel, that must be quite a task!
    Thanks Primrose, I was just telling Mae that I think he's less cute now.
    Good plan, MOTT. Shoulda thought of it!
    Ah, that shall have to be his own choice, Paulos. Though it we had thought of it at the time, we might have done the deed the day he came out. :)