Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Underworld Again

Today, driving along Jalan Damansara, I noticed a billboard for Underworld 2 (a.k.a. Underworld: Evolution) starring Kate Beckinsdale.

"Oh, look," I tell Mae, "It's Underworld 2!" The first movie was kind of crappy, and so Mae is as enthusiastic about this one as she is about a root canal. I, however, am more forgiving.

"This movie deserves a second outing," I tell the wife, "because it's got Kate Beckinsdale in a tight leather costume." To which Mae reaffirms my credibility as a movie reviewer.

"You're an idiot!"

No wonder we never see too many movies these days. Heh. What can I say? Guys are easier to please.


  1. bless all hawt girls in leather...

  2. heheh...totally agree, dude.
    I just love her in the firsr one and *pssst* i achelly watched the 2nd one on VCD and you get to see "more" of her in a love-making scene :D
    to quote Mr. Goh, "Bless all hawt girls in leather"...hehe

  3. hmmm... got to go pay UncleHo a visit ;)

  4. Spoiler! Noooooooooo!
    Yeah, God bless all hot women in leather ...
    dang, can't wait till it's out ...
    Let's have a blogg movie outing! LOL

  5. The first one was about what already har? I remember is the guy with the wolf+vampire blood. Now, where's that monster?

  6. Leo, if only the law would make it mandatory for all hawt girls to wear leather... :lol:
    JeremyC, got lovemaking scene ah? Wooo!
    MamaBok :)
    I notice Uncle Ho's got plenty in stock, Papi!
    Nothing spoilt about it, P. ;)
    What monster, Jason? :lol:

  7. Sigh.. Simple Things amuses Simple Minds!! hahahahaha Sad But True .. hehehehehe
    Oppss.. did I just said it out loud?!? Am I going to be banned from this site?? :p

  8. It just show that u are from Mars. LOL.

  9. yalah any movies with sexy busty girls in tight outfit will attract men to go watch them. :)

  10. I'm surprised that they're showing it, considering that the first one was banned for its' content.
    And Girls=Leathers are considered ill-equiped without the whip. *Runs*

  11. I guess we'll be the first one at the queue for "Baywatch - The Movie" huh?

  12. Isn't it Kate Beckinsale?

  13. I don't know about Kate, but I'm hoping this second movie will be a lot better than the first as well. That was SO disappoiting for a movie with werewolves and vampires - but then again, have there been good movies with werewolves and vampires?

  14. Yes, Chiwi. But don't worry, my simple mind can't activate a ban!
    Not Uranus, Michelle? Hehehhh....
    Not true, Lucia. No outfit also we go.
    Kinkylah, Silly Pat!
    Baywatch the commercial also can, Egghead!
    It is Anon. But I'm too lazy to change.
    Never together, Zsarina. *sigh*