Wednesday, February 8, 2006


I remember going through a phase of reckless abandonment in my life. It was a time when I felt nothing could touch me.

I feared nothing. Not authority. Not death. Not diseases. Not ghosts. Nothing. Well, except maybe flying frickin' cockroaches and house lizards falling on me. Heh. But other than that, I felt pretty invincible. That of course resulted in me pulling all kinds of crazy shit. Looking back, I'm surprised that I never ended up in jail, or in a hospital or even in a morgue. I was living on the edge and untouchable.

Today, however, is a different story. Today I can't bloody drink coffee without feeling numbness in my forearms. And I love coffee. I'm a Hainanese, for crying out loud!! My people run coffee shops and brew some of the best coffee on the planet - none of that pansy little cup thing or that pretentious foamy crap. But nope, none for me. I get tremors. *sigh*

Also, every morning nowadays, I take these little pills to stop the blood vessels in my brain from exploding and turning me into a veggie. I also have to take another one to stop my arteries from clogging up. Today, living on the edge means forgetting to take my pills. Heh!

Growing old is God's way of taming you. I bet He's up there lauging His head off. "Not so tough now are you, tough guy?"


  1. I thought God was saying "your time is over heh! is Jesse's turn!"

  2. Age comes with experience and wisdom?

  3. Oh gosh. Not drink coffee?? That's just sooo sad leh :(

  4. Heh, not eat/drink first, die later meh? :P
    Yeah, we, Hainanese brew the best coffee, especially kopi-o!! :D (I'm a hainanese.)

  5. high blood pressure?
    i've cut down a lot of coffee myself. very sad.

  6. u properly oso dont wan to grow 'matured' with those freaking 'no-fear' attitudes rite ?
    cannot imagine an old heck that with a brain of a teenager... LOL.
    anyway - grow old make me more sober.

  7. it's god's way of telling you to haul your sorry ass to the gym, son.

  8. Try to cut down coffee lor. I have bought the famous coffee from Bali and would give one pack to you. It comes with 1/3 of the caffeine, so I think it doesn't cause too much harm compare to nescafe. try not to drink too much instant coffee.

  9. Put it this way, you rather have a longer time with Jesse or coffee? :P

  10. my parents had to switch their lifestyle becoz of blood pressure problems. sina' (mom) has a heart condition from high cholesterol and now high blood pressure. dad went for a bypass.
    coffee was one of the tihngs they forgo. BUT! switch to decaff. :)
    and now they do not eat any salt in their food so when i go back, i eat the same food. surprisingly, it isn't too bad. heh.

  11. I'm not done yet, Egghead!
    Sure, that what we all try to tell ourselves, P! Hahahah.
    I knooooow, Coolcat. *sigh* Only Milo for me now.
    Cannotlah, Jason. Eat now, die now!
    If one day I have to cut down on ice or cold foods, Simon, then it will truly be a sad day.
    :lol: Li, I think it will take many more years for me to really sober up!
    Stevo: Ugh!
    I doubt it will help, Gina. Every little bit seems to give me the shivers. *sigh*
    :lol: Depends on how he turns out, Michelle!
    Thanks Wena. Will try it. :)