Thursday, February 23, 2006

Family Entertainment

just like a mini imperial eunuch

The fun thing about having your own kid is having the opportunity to dress him up in all kinds of silly things for your own amusement. Hehheh. It's one of those little privileges you get from parenthood - your very own home entertainment unit. One who wears anything you give him.

This one's from Chinese New Year. He's got that uncle-ish looks in this shot, which I think goes very well with the outfit. Hahahh. Too bad the kid doesn't do hats. Otherwise we'd have gotten him those little Chinese skullcaps with the pigtails attached. That ought to be interesting.

I have more to say about hats, but these days I hardly have time to blog. So I guess you'll just have to wait awhile before you hear more of my drivel. :)


  1. i want to hear about THE HATS!!!

  2. just hope that you don't dress Jesse up in dress or skirts :P

  3. Jesse looks damn cute, man! Even if it's claimed he's not eating..he doesn't look malnourished at all! Don't forget, even though he's not putting on weight..he is still growing height-wise!

  4. just like a mini imperial eunuch
    so uncle james has chopped of jesse's manlihood and made him an eunuch .... seems like you see his potential powers of drawing the girls to him.

  5. awww he looks so cuteeeeeeee ;))

  6. go and make a girl/dotter....
    u will enjoy even further - dress her up like a dollie...

  7. So Cute~~~
    Hehehe.. I am Guilty too for dressing my kids in Chinese outfits! My son looks really weird coz he looks more like my hubby.. so gwailo wearing chinese custume is weird!! but cute hahaha

  8. even one of those choi sun hat would be cute on your son! heheh

  9. woi chinaman..get back to work!!!

  10. had a dream about Jesse last nite.. Just a brief walk through of Jesse in my dream in his diaper.
    But in the dream his strawberry thingy was no longer there.. anyone care to interpret? :P
    My parents dressed me up in a dress when I was a kid.. not more than 3 years old. I looked really happy in the picture that they took. Hmm.. do I have cross-dressing tendencies.. hmm. i wonder. ;)

  11. paul : there is only one explanation to the strawberry not there... jesse became an eunuch

  12. Wah.. i think so too.. but I doubt James wouldn't be too happy if that happened to his #1 son :D

  13. And you shall, Simon. As long as I can get off my ass long enough to blog it. :lol:
    Egghead: NEVER!!!!
    Thanks, MOTT. Our PD says Jesse will be taller than Daddy someday. :)
    Thanks SillyPat!
    Leo: Ahem*
    I thought he looked a little goofy actually, Visithra.
    :lol: True, Li! Boy's clothes are so limited.
    That would be even cuter, Chiwi!
    *sigh* Too bad he won't hear hats anymore, Simmie!
    Brownie: *not signing cheque* Heh!
    Hahahah!!!! I can't believe your parents did that Paulos! Poor you!