Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All Worked Out

Today seems to be the longest day of my career. It's 4:07 am and I have been sitting at the computer since yesterday morning and the work is really only trickling out. I feel so uninspired that I bored myself to sleep just a moment ago.

Advertising is the kind of industry that has its moments. I remember the adrenaline rush when I sold my first ad concept. I remember tasting blood when I won my first pitch. I remember the thrill of seeing my work published for the first time. Don't get me wrong, I still do get a kick out of seeing my work out there. I still love the look on the faces of the clients when they fall in love with my proposals. I still secretly admire those giant banners I designed for the church. I do still get a rush seeing all those people wearing Yvonne's t-shirt and seeing how it's gotten her to LA and all.

But at times like tonight, I really wish I were doing something else. Things that let me share in the joys of other people. Like maybe a wedding planner or something. Ok. Too gay. Maybe a wedding video guy or something or a wedding invitation card designer. Or a face painter at a kiddie party. Or a char kuey teow guy who makes char kuey teow that everybody queues up to eat. Or a rocking horse designer. Or the guy who serves fried rice at old people's gatherings. Y'know, fun things like that.

Speaking of which, I'd been thinking of making Jesse a set of pyjamas much like the yellow jumpsuit that Bruce Lee wore in the Game of Death. That'd be quite cool. And fun too.


  1. Hey.. James,
    Donch we all wished for another kinda job. . at one time or another.. ;) but for me. .i guess . .i am only good at one thing.. that's PR.. ;)
    Not good with my hands.. not good with numbers.. not really the wanton noodles kinda woman.. nor artistic enough. So no choice lor.. PR it is.. now. .and i think maybe forever.. ;)

  2. You need a muse!
    Hehehehehe ...

  3. If u make the yellow jumpsuit for Jesse..he might end up looking more like Uma Thurman than Bruce Lee.. ;-)

  4. Getting into a totally new job is tough, MamaBoK. Especially since there's the part in us that doesn't like to explore these major changes. *sigh*
    Nah, P. I need truckloads of cash.
    Which is why, MOTT, we refrained from giving the boy an Uma Thurman haircut.

  5. You're dressing Jesse up as The Bride in Kill Bill?

  6. Dammit Shine, now I dun wanna do it anymore. :P

  7. Sigh, don't we all need truckloads of unlimited cash ....

  8. HAhaha. Shine!!
    Well, Everyone always think - what if this and what if that. If we were to have the chance to change, we will never be sure whether we will like what we would obtained then. This is human greed. We can never be satisfied.

  9. No P. Some of us were born with truckloads of cash. Too bad it's not you or me. :)
    Nah Gina, I'd take less money and more fun any day.