Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where's Daddy?

It's been going on for over a month now. Jesse has discovered the word "where" and he's been putting it to good use.

Whenever Mommy leaves the room, he'd go, "Where's Ahmie?" If Roma goes to the john, then it's, "Where's Kakak?" And when his 3-hourly lactose fix is not forthcoming, he'd go, "Where's nen-nen?" It's all very cute and not quite as annoying as the dreaded "why" which toddlers have been known ask incessantly, if only to drive their parents to the brink of insanity.

And then there's, "Where's Daddy?"

I'd been working hard lately. Morning's I'd leave at 7:30am, way before the kid wakes and some days, I'd only get home at midnight long after my boy had gone to sleep. Last night was one such night.

"He was almost crying," Mae told me earnestly.I could imagine it. His sad little face. His puppy dog eyes. His cute little lips curled into little frown.

It broke my heart into a million pieces. At that very moment I loathed my job and hated having to work so much. So what if I managed to make a million bucks only to break my son's heart over and over again? I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Which is probably why I'll never be a millionaire. Which is also why I'll never be able to leave Jesse with a nice inheritance. I'd only be able to give him my love. Hopefully that's adequate.


  1. eh u alredi passed the "why" stage ar?

  2. Lil Jesse is growing up already. He'll understand.

  3. "where" requires short answer... "why" however... will be a nightmare waiting to happen :P

  4. *sniff* Dude, you had me at "Where".

  5. I think he hasn't learn the word "why" yet. :P

  6. Wait till he learns the word Why... little boys are often full of questions. Answer one, a dozen more will pour out! Have patience, my friend.
    You know one thing, now that u know weekdays cant be devoted to Jesse, spend time with him, whatever little time you have, during the weekend. Internet, newspaper can go to the bin. Be jealous of the Maid during the weekends... Don't give Jesse any chance in the future saying "Masa kecil kurang bahagia" :P

  7. Not yet lah, Wingz. I wonder if it'll drive me up the wall.
    One can only hope, MOTT!
    Has your nightmare happened yet, Eggy?
    :lol: Sashi! "Ilovehimilovehimilovehim andiduncarewhatanybodysays!"
    You're right Jason.
    That's why I never blog during the weekends, Amydoll. Heh.

  8. Yo dude! I'm back reading on your bloggie.... :D wheeeee....
    it's not all about the $$. sure.. $$ is important in this day and age, but it can never buy love and affection from family. he'll be just fine...

  9. "Why" will be next. My gf's girl who's about to turn 3 keeps asking me why. I ran out of kids reasons answering their "why"s and boy, kinda irritating. Heh! "Where" is still bearable. Can always answer "there!". :)

  10. next will be 'who's your daddy?!'

  11. i agree with egghead ... where is ok. When they start to ask why ... gosh!!!! Its endless answers!!!

  12. It's alright son! Money aint the most important thing in the world. So long as you can afford him a mobile and a PS3 he'll be ok!

  13. Balance boy...balance. I never or rather we never got no "nice inheritance" but i'm rich with unforgettable experiences. Rich enough to warrant missing the jeep, get mauled by a tiger or bear who's growl i did hear. Even getting thrown into the vege patch was memories which money can't buy.

  14. awwww....and yet black eyed peas asked where is the love. It's right here in loopymeals. :)

  15. Welcome back, Angel. :)
    Hmm, Primrose, it looks like I should start practising how to answer all those "why"s!
    :lol: Simon. I hope he'll do that. I like attitude in a kid.
    I'll start thinking up answers now, Twin. :)
    Stevo: PS3? Ugh!
    Jeff, if you gave me money I could give you some interesting memories. :lol:
    Aww, Anjali... :)

  16. Aww... dat was sweet =) Love's more than enough.