Friday, November 3, 2006

Keeping Up

On Sunday, Mae and I went out on our first Blogging Parents Meet, organised by Jason (who's a... erm... parent-in-training... heh!). Anyway, it was a nice little outing and we met some nice folks and their kids. Check out Egghead's blog for details.

"Shit, honey," Mae whispered in my ear in the middle of my Grilled McChicken, "all these kids are toilet-trained." I scanned the room, and true enough, it looked as though none of the kids were wearing diapers. And then we started making other comparisons.

Other kids were toilet-trained.

Other kids were friendly, shaking hands, smiling and posing for photos. Our reclusive little boy took evasive action every time someone came near him.

Other kids were eating french fries, burgers and nuggets. Jesse ate one and a half french fry.


I don't know what's worst; a kid who's lagging a little on the uptake, or his shitty parents who are always comparing him with other kids. I'm thinking you'll be choosing shitty parents.


  1. Woohoo...
    This has nothing to do with the post...I'm just the first to comment!!! Woohoo! I know...I'm so easy to please....

  2. why everything gotta do with shit one?
    aiya..sure compare one. If don't so slack one the parent....normal la. anyway, don't worry abt toilet training jesse la... the time will come!

  3. Haha! I met Uncle James and the beautiful Auntie Mae! Hoho!
    Don't compare lah, I am sure Jesse will get it done when the time is right. However, the fact that Jesse is very unfriendly doesn't change. *grrrrr*

  4. my devil also slow ... i dun wanna push him so much ... just let him be a child ... i want a son not a genuis :)

  5. each kid is different and special on their own, so dun despair and stop comparing haha... my mom always told us this whenever we were worried about my boiboi's progress... things will fall in to place when the time is right!

  6. No need to compare la..if I were in the group, sure we can shake hand liao..coz my girl eats like a little and also she's not friendly...even much prompting also she wont go shake hands with other kids.

  7. Dun compare, your son sure got his own good. If ppl go to my house my son not so friendly though too.
    Take your time, he need more time to meet some new friends :)
    Your wife so beautiful and at first i didnt notice you got a child. I though you just married :P

  8. boy is almost 3 and he's not toilet-trained. Oh well...he'll get there in time. Never met a grown man who isn't toilet-trained. :lol:

  9. hehehe lol at kat - true true
    oh dont worry let jessie take his time - he just needs to be familiar with his surroundings remember the lift alone incident he was running around happy ;p

  10. Heard too many stories of starting late and the child refuses to poo unless in he's wearing his diapers. But pee pee is easier.
    So I started toilet training my boy to poo in the potty when he's 3 months :) Naturally he couldn't sit yet so I carried him over the potty. So now he's almost 6 months and he really dislikes it whenever he has to poo in his diaper. Whereas previously, he can actually go to sleep in his poo.

  11. Down, Fanboy, down.
    Everything in life will only make sense if you can sit down and have a proper shit, MOTT. That's why. :lol:
    Hahha... next time I will teach him how to be a clown in front of you, Jason.
    Wingz, actually genius also can. Hahhahh...!
    It takes awhile for the time to be right, Babe. :)
    *shakes dragonmummy's hand*
    Thanks 1+2mom! Mae will be happy to read your comment.
    Well said, Kat! :lol: Had me in stitches.
    Indeed, Visithra.
    On the contrary Prissy, we actually believe that Jesse likes warm poo all over his tushie! :lol:

  12. My boy loves warm poo all over his tushie too. That's why he could go back to sleep in it. And that's why I train him otherwise.

  13. I've been reading your site for a few months now and I love the way you write. Allow me to share a similar experience.
    As a mother of a 20 month old, I recently faced what you did when I took my son to a clan gathering where he had cousins of all ages to play with. He chose to hang around near me. And watched his diaper less cousins eat up most of what was on their plates while my munchkin chose to nibble one ONE Carrot stick throughout the 4 hours there. Enough to make me feel utterly miserable. After feeling like a shitty parent for a few days, I learnt that only I was suffering and I have no choice but to get over it!
    My munchkin romps through the house and my office happilly, identifying colours to himself, diapers et al. So what if he's shy, skinny and not toilet trained yet? He's happy so am I.
    A rather long winded way of saying, just enjoy parenthood:) Very soon he'll be taking the car keys and disappearing for long hours with his buddies and you'll miss that french fry:)

  14. Wah lao. They even have blogging parents meeting now? What's next?

  15. Prissy, the warm poo on tushie is fine. It's the hardened, encrusted poop that has been left to set that bothers me.
    Thanks for dropping by, Mita. And thanks for putting it into perspective.
    Gina: Erm... bloggers anonymous?

  16. pst.. Zara is still not toilet trained..
    Tell me how you train yours if you get successful ok?