Wednesday, February 14, 2007


mommy administers the "penan" cut

Jesse's been kicking up some major fuss at the hairdressers and so we figured we'd try to do his hair ourselves. With pretty devastating effect too, as you can see here. Unfortunately for our boy, the only hairstyle we can manage is "the bowl". Oh well, that ought to teach him a lesson for being such a fussy little monkey.

I did his first haircut some 2 months back. He started screeching and screaming when I approached, scissors and comb in hand, probably fearing for his life. In a moment of genius, I decided to alleviate his fears by giving him a pair of scissors of his own to play, while I did the deed. Worked like a charm too. That is, until he decided to try snipping his own hair himself. Haha.

I was considering giving him a little trim for the Lunar New Year, but I figured I didn't want him to have tragic photos of only his third new year. So, this year he's going home to Taiping looking like a cute little Beatle. Or a tiny little Bruce Lee.

Can somebody say "celebrity haircut"?


  1. Tempurung style! Hahaha.
    Gong xi fa cai to you and mae and jesse.

  2. "celebrity haircut!" woohooo!!! hahaa, damn cute. Happy chinese new year to you and family.

  3. look, Jesse looks so happy. He loves it!!

  4. Your wifey is soooo pretty! Thank goodness :P I hope Jesse grows more and more like his mummy everyday hahaha
    Are you familiar with the product Just-A-Trim? I use it for my son's hair and it's very good without being loud like most clippers and ensures a somewhat uniform cut.

  5. i cut my No.2's hair, when he was playing with water. it made life easier for me. He quietly played..i quietly snipped! then..i just hosed him down. fuss, no mess!
    Anyway...the org asli cut very in fashion, mah? No meh? ;-)

  6. they call it the 'bowl cut' back home, coz u use a bowl...
    happy new year, james!

  7. I think Jesse looks cute with the bowl cut. If I remember clearly, a haircut at some "celebrated" places (I wouldn't say celebrity as I've no idea if the hairstylist was a celebrity or if celebrities went there :p) could go up to RM80 for children. And that's for just a haircut. Maybe Jesse likes his current hairstyle :).

  8. Still better than what my mum would do on my hair when I was younger. My mum would cut an "m" shape on the fringe and tells me 'm for monkey'.

  9. Just wanna wish u, mae n jesse..gong xi gong xi gong xi..
    drive safe and keep healthy...yes, that means don't overeat yah!

  10. That sounds appropriate as well, Egghead.
    The easiest cut for kids, Lilian!
    Nevermind that they're dead and gone celebs, Jason. HAhah.
    And I have no idea why he's happy, Papi! :lol:
    Nice, Gwen. I recently got us a little chargeable trimmer too. Let's see how that works out... :)
    Good plan, MOTT. Must try it.
    I visualise the bowl, Simon. Hehehh....
    RM80!!? Wow, RaZZie, I see a money-making opportunity here!
    Oh no, Primrose. Poor you.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody!!!