Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Emotions In Motion

Everything about Barney creeps me out. The purple suit, that pedo voice, and the way he likes to jump about. And despite me having very little love for this Purple Prince of Paedophilia, his creators found it necessary to further torment me with their threat of a lawsuit not so long ago. Ugh!

Unfortunately, Jesse (the little traitor) is completely enamoured.

It started awhile back when an ex-colleague Pinky bootlegged a copy for me. "He'll learn plenty," Pinky twittered. Maybe it was the fact that she raised 3 kids on Barney, or perhaps it was her mesmerising... erm... twitter(*ahaks*), I was sold. And along with me, my boy too.

One year and some 20 Barney VCDs later - all originals, mind you - Jesse actually learns stuff. Lately, he's begun to understand the concept of emotion, thanks to Barney's Happy Mad Silly Sad VCD. And he puts it to good use too.

Whenever we made him eat, or if we stopped him during his favourite activity, he'd put on his saddest little puppy dog face and say in his saddest voice, "Sad". Occasionally the little monkey would tell us that he was angry. And it seemed like he only felt sadness and anger in our care. Heh!

Then one day last week, while we were sprawled all over the floor drawing pictures, the boy gave me a nice little surprise. "Happy face," he said, smiling from ear to ear as he presented to me his masterpiece. And that brought a happy face, to my face.

And maybe I don't hate Barney that much anymore.

"smile" by jesse tan, 2007


  1. No no no... No matter what Jesse did, the purple dinosaur is still one of the most annoying dinosaurs ever.

  2. i detest barney. i grew up watching sesame street and hell u learn a whole lot more there! barney only teaches kids how to sing and dance like him XD blek!!!

  3. It's Barney the FUCHSIA dinosaur. And he's scary. But hey, the smiley face that Jesse drew must have made it all worth it :).

  4. WOW!
    Jesse sure has talent! ^_^

  5. NOOOOOOO!!!! Run for your life!!! That's a drawing of Barney!!!

  6. My kid only like Japanese girls and I don't know to worry or feel happy he doesn't like barney. BTW, I mailed you to ask if you are coming to the Bloggers Together Gather? I hope to see you and Mae 'cos I am coming from Penang. Hehehe. Left only few more places so check out Wingz's blog for details?

  7. luckily my son is one of those anti-purple gang out there :P

  8. Well look on the bright side...annoying purple dinosaur is still better than annoying pink unicorn...dinosaurs are always manly and cool...kua...well...maybe not quite barney... And the pedo voice is still less horrifying than the teletubby ones...now that show will mess your kid up.
    And it seemed like he only felt sadness and anger in our care. Heh! Tsk tsk...and he's not even a teenager yet. (o.O)~!!!

  9. Sesame St is still the best...any children's program that can STILL entertain me has to be good...I'm 23...HAHA!

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    *runs away, holding up cross sign*

  11. ahem, 20 barney CDs?! are there even that many? my kid has like 3, and they're played to death.
    but you've got to hand it to the kid actors, though. very talented. can't say the same for the pedo in the purple suit.

  12. quote"And it seemed like he only felt sadness and anger in our care." unquote
    it's a propaganda i tell you. the purple blob is teaching kids to hate their mommies and daddies.

  13. Can't agree more, Jason.
    Yes, Oli, I am seeing his effects on Jesse. The boy dances.
    Yeah RaZZie, it IS worth it.
    One can only hope, Maggie.
    Stevo: Nah, he never tries to draw Barney. That's what Daddy's for.
    Japanese girls, Lilian? Not hentai, I hope. :lol: And yeah, I replied your mail. We'll see you there.
    There's a gang, Eggy?
    Fanboy, methinks Barney will have to eat some kids first before we can consider him manly. Hahahh!
    You can run, but you can't hide, MOTT.
    Simon: We bought more cos Mae and I were getting bored watching the same few CDs over and over!
    :lol: Dammit, duckie, you may be right!