Thursday, February 8, 2007


who's gonna drive you home?

Like any hot blooded little boy, Jesse loves cars. And so on his 2nd birthday, Mae and I decided that he might get a big kick out of having his own little car - battery operated covertible and all!

Unfortunately, everytime he steps on the accelerator, the car moves. Never mind that cars are supposed to behave that way, it just simply freaks him out. In fact, many things seem to freak him out as he grows older.

He never had problems with slides. Now he does. He used to climb up and down furniture, now he's afraid of falling. He used to run excitedly towards escalators but these days, he worries that he might be sucked into the gears below. He also hates it when we try to put coins into his kiddie rides. I have no idea why this is. You'd think he had some traumatic experience with these things.

His nice (and bloody expensive) little car is no different. It freaks him out all the same. And so he has to be chauffered. And since there is no way a little car like that is ever gonna support my weight, Mae takes to the task.

At least we got some cute photos out of this. :)


  1. How much was the automobile .. James..??
    thinking of getting one for chloe at the store.. :)

  2. LOL! my son behaves exactly the same way with his bike... and consequently affected the kiddie rides as well... boys are just more cowards nowadays :(
    Hei... it took my son more than 1 year before he got back on his "harley"... hopefully it will be a shorter wait with Jesse ler :P

  3. Mayhaps Jesse boy is afraid of the movement and the sounds from the rides and that's why he freaks out when you try to slot coins in?
    Just a thought. :)

  4. Egghead's son had the same symptom too! LOL.
    Hehe, nice pics.

  5. eh...why u komplen? u save money on those damn expensive kiddie rides man!!!!!!!!! He just sit there n turn the steering wheel...for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My Yiyi would freaked out and screamed if I wanted to put coins into those kiddie rides. But she didn't want to get down also. LOL!

  7. I think it was in the region of RM500, MamaBoK.
    Aww man, and they're about the same age, Eggy. And your kid is already riding. This is not good.
    It's not the sound, Maggie. He's also bothered by the quiet rides.
    Hahh Jason... Mae in a different light from her blog eh?
    Good point, MOTT. :lol:
    Hahh Papi, whenever it's time to leave, we just bring out some coins and the boy will quietly and quickly climb off! :lol:

  8. heh. i think this shows your jesse is growing. they used to say small kids are not afraid of anything because they do not have the sense of fear yet but adults do thus they know how to fear things. well jesse now is starting to fear, so he is growing all right. :)

  9. hah the caption on the pic - its a line from an old song from the cars...!

  10. THAT IS SOOOO CUTE! Mommy and son....

  11. In fact, many things seem to freak him out as he grows older.
    James, I see Jesse takes the wussiness after you. :lol:
    Simon - the song is "Drive" from The Cars. :)

  12. Growing up sucks, Lucia. :lol:
    Good eye, Simon!
    That coulda been me, Angel, if I weren't too heavy for the car.
    Dammit Anjali. *piak*