Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was only blogging about this a couple of weeks back. We bought Jesse a couple of Spiderman suits and he refused to put it on. Well, now he refuses to take it off. And he wants to wear it everywhere. To sleep, to school, to the mall. Ugh.

He's so into the whole thing that I thought it might be fun to teach him the Spiderman theme song. He loves it so much that we've downloaded YouTube videos of the song. There's the original from the 60s. And then there's that version from Michael Buble. And those from Aerosmith and the Ramones. He likes 'em all.

Here's a video.

I would have uploaded a few more videos but I'm a lazy ass. Live with it. :)


  1. Thank you for this post. I shall stay away from all the spiderman suits as far as I can. Lol!


  3. yeay! welcome back!
    do hop over to my blog and receive this award please :) but seriously, you don't have to do the tag. i am just 'awarding' the blogs i like to read :P cheers~

  4. With great power comes great responsibility...

  5. You should be glad it isnt the Black version. You would have Venomophobia instead.
    See this pic.

  6. why he is singing spider man while holding the pole wan? Hahah sexy pole dancer in spidey suit!

  7. duuuude, you've been tagged...

  8. What happened to ur blog lah. Its like dead now...

  9. Mumsgather, you can't stay away from your kid's destiny. :lol:
    Yes Marsha, and the boy is not too bad either. Hehehheh....
    Waaahhh.... thank you thank you Sweetpea!
    ... and a cheesy suit, Fanboy.
    Nope. Too late for that, Josh. We got him both so he can put on the black one when he's naughty. Hehehhh....
    Yes, all the Tan family has the makings of a Pole-Dancer, Sasha.
    Aw man, Simon... get in line! Hehheh.... I have a backlog of tags not done.
    Yes Josh. Some of us work for a living. KEkekekkk..... been busy lah. Will be back soon. Now replying comments from a hotel room in Senai, Johor. :)

  10. Just dump both of them in the machine. That could be fun.
    Double fun!

  11. You could teach him the Spiderpig version too, it is hilarious ;) Heehee.

  12. Good plan, Yogajess. He'd probably enjoy that.
    Yes, NJAPF, we're working on that one now. :lol: