Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Back, Sort Of

It's been awhile since I blogged, hasn't it?

A couple of months back, my beloved beautiful black Apple MacBook crashed on me. Apparently the damn Seagate hard drive inside got jammed beyond all recognition. (Yes, I wanted to use a stronger word than "jammed" but this is a family blog. Heh!)

The computer was under warranty, but I was more concerned about the stuff inside.

"Didn't you back up?" people asked.

"It's a Mac, dammit," I said, insulted at the notion that us Mac-boys have to back up anything. "It's the best dammed computer in the world," I snapped, "nobody backs up a Mac."

Anyway, I sent the disc to a Data Recovery center in Singapore and they billed me RM600 just to diagnose. I paid. They opened it up, did some magic... and that did zip for the disk.

Thankfully I'm not as pig-headed as I allow myself to sound sometime. I did backup my stuff over the new year. But that was over 6 months ago. So I lost some work. And I lost photos of Jesse growing up.

Damn Steve Jobs owes me 6 months of my son's life. And the will to go on blogging. *sniff*


  1. Not MAC's fault but rather Seagate. :P
    Never mind. Those moments are stored in your memory forever.

  2. another Mac-er loverboy. Sigh.....
    why do applelovers have so much trust in their errrmm...... apples?
    U n my Mr.T can get together and sing woeful songs.

  3. i learnt that bitter lesson, altho on pc not mac. now i make multiple copies of everything esp photos. can't lose the photos. but there's still time to take lots more of the kid, right?

  4. let's start a petition to get you some free iPhones!!!

  5. As a moment of silence for the grieving of your loss, I will refrain from making my usual smarmy remark... but just this once. =D

  6. I know how you felt. Some a$$ broke into my house and stole my hubby's laptop. And the pics and videos of 1 year of my son's life was just gone like that. And yeah, somehow forgot about the backup.

  7. I always make sure I burn all pics inside CDs after one month.. discipline a bit lah.
    No wonder lah tarak blog for sometime. Pics all gone.. aiyoh... hopefully you kept some in your multiply and other photo websites like I did.

  8. I know i shouldnt laugh.. but i cant help it... kakakakakaka (*evil sithlord tone*)
    You place too much faith in Apple, man. Join the darkside.. (of Windows PC)... and you shall have powers beyond your imagination.. like power to resurrect your lost love... comprehendo....

  9. aw bugger! i hav a few of his little pix if you want. can't always trust the machines...tehy could be Decepticons!

  10. Get Mac.. no virus. Get Mac.. better graphics. Get Mac, get Mac..
    I am going to get me a notebook 120Gb hard disk tomorrow..

  11. pls get mae to update her blog? i like reading her blog.

  12. Oh boy..!! bummer..!!! you should have contacted me..!! my spouse would have helped you without charging you.. afterall.. we own a puter store.. yer know.. ;)
    Never mind.. next time.. !! oops.. !!! nah.. i wasn't hoping.. there will be a next time.. ;)

  13. That won't help, Jason. My memory is worse than Seagate.
    Ah, your Mr. T is a man of good taste, MOTT. :)
    Yup Simon, make more kids, take more shots.
    Good thinking, Eggy. I could sure use an iPhone.
    :lol: Nah, no need, Fanboy. We of the Tan stock are made of tougher stuff.
    Ouch, Prissy. I can't imagine what's worse... the lost disk or the ass in your house. :)
    Nope. Lucky I did back up Jesse's baby pics, Gina. Otherwise, I'll kill myself.
    Oh please, Josh. You want an Apple as much as I do lah. :)
    Thanks boik! Got the pix!
    Yes Kat. It's always gonna be a Mac.
    Hahah Blogreader, you don't like my blog?
    Next time? Heavens no, MamaBoK!

  14. haha..i'm an avid reader of your blog now.
    so update more regularly pls ;)

  15. James as always, your blog is always fun to read :) my husband and I are expecting our first this Dec and we set up a baby blog
    Feel free to stop by!