Thursday, July 5, 2007


Jesse is a big fan of Spiderman. Ever since I pointed the billboards out to Jesse, the boy had been smitten with the webslinger. And since Daddy too is a fan, the boy has a growing collection of Spidey merchandise.

To date, Jesse's got a Spidey bag, a Spidey tumbler, pencil sharpener, stationery, stickers, a soft toy, Spidey undies, slippers, the works! And he's really into it too. Reading the books, watching the movie. He can even sing the first verse of the Spiderman song.

"Honey, I think it's time we got the boy his very own Spidey suit," I suggest. And a couple of weeks back, we found our way to Petaling Street where we got him the suits - the regular red and blue one, and the hot and spicy black one. And we even picked up a couple of masks for him.

The boy loves his suits but for some strange reason, he never wants to put them on.

"No, no," he'd protest. "Too big," he'd add, along with a host of other feeble excuses just not to wear it. He's also against the idea of me putting on his Spiderman masks. He'd bow his head so as not to look me in the face and he'd go, "Daddy, take out!"

Weird kid. Still trying to figure him out.


  1. The Little Man knows; there can only be one Spider-Man, and it will not be him. Or you.
    A worthy Spider-Fan, he will be.

  2. I sing to my kids the Electric Company's (remember that show? the 'other' sesame street.) Spidey version,
    "Spiderman, where are you coming from?
    Spiderman, Nobody knows who you are......."
    Of coz, you had to know the tune first.... very 80s...damn kau farnee!!!!!!!!!
    oh well... if you don't get it. gah!

  3. Probably he's afraid that he will turn into the real spidy guy hehehhe .. kidding :)

  4. Dude...if you watched would understand why he won't put on the makes you dance like a fool in jazz bars and act like a tard...

  5. LOL T-boy! Perhaps you're right.
    OMG MOTT!!!! I had forgotten all about those weird Spidey snippets. How do you even remember the Electric Company!?!??! Shhh.... this reveals our age lah! :lol:
    Hmm... Twin. I would have thought that's any kid's wish.
    That's my boy, alright. Jesse is a dancing fool, Fanboy!

  6. methinks, jesse appreciate the value of collector's items. Once used or out of the box, the value will depreciate.

  7. Ha ha! I think maybe you should get him a V suit! The Guy Fawkes get up would probably freak out a whole bunch of people including yourself. I echo duckie's comment. It's probably a collector's mentality. Can anyone say "mint-condition Petaling Street costume" ?

  8. methink the boy love the suit too much that he doesn't want to spoil it by wearing it.... or don't tell me he feel uncomfortable wearing it? oops. cannot since he has not even try it.

  9. Oh man... maybe he doesn't want to be caught wearing that suit after all? What will his friends say? Haha, but so farney. Got wear it at home and take a pic or not?

  10. Maybe there is something about the movie that he doesn't like, even though he's thrilled generally.

  11. i think he is worried that maybe his hands got spider webs coming out ler

  12. It came in a cheap pink plastic baggie, Duckie. :)
    Heh. I wanted to get that for myself, Chriso!
    I think he's afraid of it, Lucia.
    Primrose, we put it on him one day when he was sleeping. Boy, was he pissed off!!!! :lol:
    Nah, he likes the movie, Yvonne!
    :lol: Sasha, that's probably the closest reason!!! HAhahah!