Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lo And Behold

I really should blog more often. When I started doing this back in '04, I thought it'd be a great way to record Jesse's development. And it is, capturing some of Jesse's finest moments as an infant. (Like this one here, which I love to bits!)

These days, his progress is more gradual and sort of just sneaks up on you.

For instance, he's been off the diaper a little bit at a time for over a month now. Yes, yes, I know, it's taken awhile and other kids are already off their diapers aeons ago... but this is my boy and that is always worth some kind of celebration. But the transition is gradual. He's still uncomfortable taking a poopie in the john.

Then, there's his conversational skills. Despite his bubbly persona, he does tend to clamp up on the phone, answering "yes" or "no" to any question. Over the week he's improved. A couple of days ago, he asked me to buy donuts. Yesterday, he wanted pizza. Sure, sure, kids ask for food all the time, but this is Jesse! :)

He sings. He picks up lyrics quite quickly even if he doesn't quite understand what they mean. And he reads. My boy, reading! Pretty soon he'll be moving out, getting married and having kids. *sigh*


  1. Wah.. very fast ah. It's like that one kids. The ones in my house already off diapers for sometime now and Sasha no longer requires pacifier.

  2. "moving out, getting married, having kids"...long way to go.
    You will have to go through his teenage years with him first?

  3. Yes, you really should be blogging more often lah! I miss reading your silly parenting stories. Hehe.

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  5. First of all, HEY JAMES! havent left any comments for a while now. Secondly, whats up with the special promo comment by ShopRaveDiva? :P
    Yes you should blog more often till Jesse finds out that you blog about him and he tells you to stop. Remember, him being an adult shouldnt be a problem, wait till he starts to notice girls. That's when you'll be in deep doo doo.

  6. Blog often or not, I agree whole-heartedly about having the camera ready (as noted in your crawling-post).
    I gotta say so far, I haven't missed anything major, yet... But lately I have developed a paranoia that even backing up photos on dvd's, that the dvd's themselves may not last as long as I would like them to....

  7. Gina, Jesse never picked up the pacifier. Lucky us. :)
    Justme, I expect his teen years to pass by quickly. Heh.
    Thanks for saying so, Mumsgather.
    Amy, ShopRave Diva is a spammer. Instead of deleting the entire comment, I decided it would piss him/her off more if I just removed all links. Hehh! As for Jesse and girl... erm... I dun see what the problem is, unless he's not interested. Hehh!
    Good plan, JLow. I lost quite a bit when my hard disk crashed a few months back.

  8. I do miss reading all about your parenting adventures.. :) and yes. in their own time.. they would do stuff they have to eh..??