Monday, October 8, 2007

More Monday Blues

Today was just like any other day, except that it was special. As I got out of my car to go to work, there it was right before me, a hot steaming pile of dogshit. I hesitated, and then navigated myself carefully around it. This was an omen, if ever there was one. And the day went downhill from there.

I was sick over the weekend. What pisses me off, is that the effects of flu is so much more pronounced these days now that I'v passed the mid-30 mark. And the other thing that pisses me off about getting sick is that, for some sick twisted reason, I only seem to fall sick on Friday evening and conveniently recover enough on a Sunday night.

What gives, man?!? It's bad enough that I didn't manage to goof get a break from work, I actually get well enough to get my sorry ass back to work. Except that, I'm not well enough to feel great. Plus, I have this cocktail of pills to keep me drugged up and groggy for most of the day, except that I'm not doped up enough to be oblivious to the torture that is my Monday morning.

Afternoon comes, and along with it, a raging forest fire I have to put out at work.

And then, Mae calls. Jesse is down with high fever. "I think I'm coming down with something too." I know immediately that I must have spread some of my weekend cheer around.

At six, she calls again, and tells me that she is so deathly ill that she can't possibly drive home from my mother-in-law's house. Yes, Mae has always been a tad melodramatic about things but since this was my own undoing, I resolved to do the right thing. I would have to pick my family from MIL's.

I packed my Macbook into my bag and dragged my feet off into the sunset, muttering curses at my misfortunes. I sat in the car, my right foot still out the door and started the engine. And like one of those flashback sequences in the movies, the events of the day played out in reverse order in my mind - right to the very moment that I had arrived at work earlier in the day.

Instinctively, I glanced at pile of dog poo that had greeted me in the morning. Like me, it too had had a terrible day. What was once a proud random sculpture of dog excrement had now been reduced to a downtrodden pile of shit. As much as I hate to admit it, I felt a tinge of what can only be accurately described as schadenfraude, knowing that some idiot somewhere had stepped into shit.

Until I discovered, to a mix emotion of joy and horror, that I was that very idiot. And the evidence was written all over the sole of my right shoe. That disgusting pile of shit had waited all day to get me and it got me good. *sigh*

There was something strangely poetic about all of this, but it's hard to be poetic about shit. Still, if you feel so inclined, there's the comment box. :)


  1. High five man!
    I kena the flu last weekend too!
    and stepped on a pile of you-know-what last Friday as well! LOL!
    it must be shit and flu season around KL! :P

  2. Sorry.. to hear about the flu thingie.. hope everyone gets well soon..! and the shit thingie.. now.. that suxs..! big time..!

  3. Wow. A shit blog. =D
    I noticed that your last 2 entires have been shitty. XD
    Hope things start going uphill for you. (Now why does that sound like exhausting work?)

  4. at least one dog is constipation-less. for that we shud be grateful for.
    or not.
    whatever la.

  5. Hey James.
    The week will get better!!

  6. LOL!!! Maybe ah, next time get birds to shit on your head. That would bring good luck, I heard. Can buy 4D and kena big big. Not every shit is bad. Hope that you have a good rest this coming Raya holidays.

  7. Next time you get the flu, or better yet before the flu gets you; run down to the pharmacy next to restaurant 8888 and get some Loradine flu tablets off the pharmacists. It cost me rm3.50 for a 3 day fix.
    My flu was fixed after the first course. Don't we all hate doctors who charge you 32 bucks for Paracetamol?
    Visit your friendly neighbourhood pharmacists. No expensive medical bills. No flu. No fever. No shit!

  8. Murphy's Law says, "When things go wrong, it will go wrong" or something to that extent, so the dog-shit episode is just one-of-those-days kinda drama.
    Read (ravished, more like it!) from your first entry till your most recent one, and MY you rock! Spent the whole afternoon just doing that.

  9. Shit season? Must be just us lah, Egghead!
    We're on a loooong road to recovery, MamaBok. Thanks!
    Yes, it's easier to just stay here down in the dumps, Fanboy.
    I certainly hope so, Shine.
    Hahahh... MOTT, that's one way of looking at it.
    The only time when shit is good is when it's coming out of you satisfactorily, Gina! :P
    Stevo: Yeah. And she's a hot chick too. HEh. One more incentive to visit.
    Thanks for reading, Lil' Ms Pinky. Rock? I'm afraid these days I roll better than I rock. :lol: