Wednesday, October 31, 2007

P.Ramlee The Musical


I grew up on P.Ramlee. Back in the 70s, they played his movies on TV all the time. The whole family would crowd around our black & white TV and laugh with the Man, enjoy his antics and sing his songs.

You have to remember that this was the 70s. There was no Astro. We had all of two TV channels. There was no internet. Hell, we didn't even have a damn PC. And the closest thing to a video game was Nintendo's Game N Watch. So yeah, P.Ramlee was entertainment for the whole family.

And then cue some 30+ plus years later, Mae bumps into her old friend at the shopping mall and suddenly we land ourselves a couple of free tix to P.Ramlee the Musical. Apparently poor Karen had two extra seats and no takers. Oh, the travesty!

The show was great - great script, great music, great ensemble cast and all. I especially loved the 2nd act when P.Ramlee's life story played out like one of his wonderful comedies.

Mae enjoyed it. For me, it was a bit of nostalgia, though I would have like to have heard a few more songs in it. Getaran Jiwa, one of P.Ramlee's most familiar tunes should probably have been in, simply because is so iconic. Probably Bunyi Gitar too. And then there is my personal favourite, Aci Aci Buka Pintu; simply because Mom used to sing it to me when I was a kid. *sniff*

The show is all sold out, but if anyone should happen to chance upon any free tickets, you should kill for them. :) But don't take my word for it. Do see TV Smith and Jeff Ooi's take on the show.


  1. Me too grew up with P.Ramlee and P.Ramlee was part of our lives then. No one knew who Azizah was,not even his friends or family,when he wrote & sang the lovely song Azizah.
    But to play Siti Nurhaliza as Azizah is an insult to ones mind & imagination...please lah!!..that was the anti climax of the whole show!!! Obviously Siti is... jauh api dari they say when U compare her to P.Ramlee's imaginary Azizah. It really sucks.

  2. How could a P.Ramlee musical not have Getaran Jiwa and Bunyi Gitar?

  3. ya! me too grew up on p. ramlee. enjoyed all his shows on tv (or big screen) esp. the comedies. enjoy his songs too and have one of this 'golden memories' cassette.
    pity the play is not coming to penang.

  4. Ai! My own mother got free tix....but she refused to see it with me. DAMMIT!
    Anyway, my fav movie is .....*drumroll* Ali Baba Bujang Lapok. Don't play play..I have the vcd..and I do watch it..when I get the chance. Damn 9 farnee man...the editing is the best!

  5. I think many Malaysians grew up watching P Ramlee. Seriously, back then there was only 3 channels; RTM1, RTM2 and TV3... and the best of what was aired during that time I suppose was PRamlee's films. I would agree with Mott, Ali Baba Bujang Lapok is one of the best. So was Ibu Mertua Ku, 3 Abdul, Seniman Bujang Lapok, Pendekar Bujang Lapok, Ahmad Albab..... I love the haunting songs from Ibu Mertua Ku... "Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti" and "Jangan Tinggal Daku" Can CRY man, esp if you tgh emo.
    You're lucky to be able to watch the musical... *turns green with envy*

  6. Lucky you! :)
    Yes, Siti is definately no Azizah!

  7. True, Ali, but I suppose it's the playrights taking creative license on this one. :) But, you're right, Siti didn't make much of an impact compared to Atillia, Melissa Saila or Liza Hanim.
    Indeed, mumsgather.
    Having seen it Lucia, I must say that the complexity of the sets might make it difficult to bring the show anywhere else in Malaysia.
    Your own mother, MOTT? *gasp* :lol:
    They did put in "Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti" quite appropriately, Amyzing.
    Well, Maggie, to say that Siti is no Azizah is a little tricky since there is that possibility that Azizah is no Azizah too. Hehehh!

  8. Dang.. i missed it.. so busy i forgot about it. wanted to go watch it.. *sigh*
    ex-p ramlee look-alike contestant..