Tuesday, November 6, 2007



feelin' fine

Jesse came back from his little surgery bandaged, with the instruction to remove after 48 hours. I was a little apprehensive, but I took to the task.

"What is inside, Daddy?" Jesse enquired. I explained to him in a way that he would understand, "You broke your head and the doctor fixed it."

"Doctor fixed Jesse's head?"

"Uh-huh," I proceeded to describe the procedure, "Doctor used strings to fix Jesse's head." I then went on to prepare him for what I was about to do, and when he was adequately prepped, I did the deed.

It must have been a little painful as I saw him wince a couple of times, but he laid there quietly as gingerly peeled the plaster and gauze away from his wound. And then I gave him a mirror to see what all the fuss was about. And the most unexpected thing happened.

He sat there, stared at the horrifying scar on his head and it struck him, probably for the first time - the aftermath of his terrible accident. And he cried buckets of tears. It was such a heartbreaking sight.

"Daddy, my strings," he sobbed. I hadn't expected him to be so affected by it and I wasn't quite prepared to deal with this. So I decided to just wing it. "Doctor said you look like Harry Potter," I assured the boy. As I did, I hollered at Mae to bring a Harry Potter DVD.

"Look, darling," Mae consoled him, "Harry Potter's got a mark on his head too!" It didn't help.

Then, my clever wife picked up an eyeliner pencil and drew a lighting mark on her head. "Look at Mommy," she cooed. I saw his little lips curl into a smile and I decided to play along. "Look," I called, "Daddy's got one just like yours!"

And just like that, we were a happy family once again. Even if it meant that Mae and I had to wear the "mark" out for our dinner and jalan-jalan that night.


  1. Awwww... So heart warming.
    Come on, take a picture of one whole family with a scared face. :D

  2. dude, u got this thing with making ppl cry reading your posts hah?
    p/s: hope jesse will heal well..there are loads of stuff in the pharmacy that helps smoothen scar, rosehip oil etc. he's so young it'll probably heal to a barely visible line anyway. dont worry!

  3. did you guys really went out with eyeliner pencils marks on your foreheads? wow

  4. good to see the kid smiling... but as a parent i can understand how heart breaking it is.
    hope you guys had a great night out!

  5. It's okay la. Scarface is always sexy. Girls will like him more. Add more character. He will learn to appreciate after he turned 18.
    Heh. Glad all is fine tho.

  6. *pengsan* the scar is sooo long! our creativity tend to swing to an all time high when we turned parents hehe

  7. Both of you are really sweet. Kiss little Jesse on the forehead for me. Poor boy.

  8. *pengsans*
    ur kid is sure a... tough nut!
    me thinks the scar will help bring in the chicks. later on in his life la....

  9. that's an awful looking scar. sorry to hear about it. i hope jesse won't feel the urge to scratch or touch the scar.
    well hopefully in time to come jesse might forgot about the 'strings' on his head. children usually do.

  10. Tell him not to worry. Chicks dig scars. Want proof? Just look at the replies above! Haha. Now I'm betting you wanna go and get yourself one too James.

  11. Hah. We're trying not to leave any evidence, Jason. :)
    Thanks for the tips, Kim. Doc assures us it's all be gone before his wedding day. :lol:
    LOL Yuri, yes, we're that kind of family.
    We did Simon, thanks.
    I'm sure he would, if it's still there, Anjali.
    Necessity is the mother of insanity, Babe. :lol:
    No worries, Amyzing, we're all ok.
    We're pretty proud of him for roughing it out, MOTT. :)
    Poor parents, too, Serge.
    *ick* Maggie... germs! HAhahah!
    He's remembering it for all the wrong reasons, Lucia. Hehehh...
    Oh, Fanboy, I have scars in all the weird places. Hehehh... ok ok... too much info.

  12. Awww.. !! so sweet of you and Mae.. to come out with the mark.. to keep Jesse happy.. ;)

  13. wah kewl lah you guys!

  14. oh-er. looks nasty. hope the wound heal soon.