Monday, November 26, 2007

Away From Home

Today I leave for Johor on business. It'll be a 3-day trip. And in about 2 weeks, I'll have to go again - for 5 days.

I used to look forward to getting out of the office but these days I just hate the idea of being apart from family. That, if anything, is a sign of growing up. Or growing old. Ugh!

This morning, I explain to the kid that I would be gone for a few days. And like I always do before I leave, I impart a little fatherly advice and instruction."You take care of Mommy, okay?" I told the boy. "Okay, Daddy" he answered sincerelt, and added, "Jesse play with Mommy"

Hah. At least I know Mae will be entertained while I'm away.


  1. I know exactly what it means.. about travelling.. :) and i donch think it has anything about growing old. .muahhaha!! we just love our family too much.. ;) before . .we just happy go lucky.. :)

  2. Well ... I like the idea of growing old together with family ...