Friday, November 9, 2007

Princely Raiment


the artist formerly known as prince

Come Sunday, Jesse's kindie is putting up some sort of a year-end concert for parents and all. For the juniors, it's more of a fancy dress gig than a concert.

"The theme is Snow White & The Seven Dwarves," Mae tells me. Which pretty much means Jesse and his classmates will have to dress up like any of the characters in that show. *sigh* And I had all this hope of dressing up my boy as Darth Vader or something. But no, it was gonna be Snow White.

"My son must be the Prince," Mae asserted, every bit like the soccer mom that she is. "And you," she commanded, "You will make your son the best costume in the class." If it was a mother and son thing, Mae can easily pass of as the Evil Queen. Heh.

The tunic and cuffs are made of some stiff felt-like material finished off with some curtain trims. I used the same stuff for the fake boots and belt. Basically I wanted material that didn't fray at the edges, so I wouldn't have the terrible task of sewing seams (It's called cheating). The belt buckle is mine. The pants and shirt are Jesse's nightclothes. The cape is some cheap fake satin which tends to fray at the edges, but I cleverly used a lighter to melt the "seams". Everything is fastened with velcro, except the cape which is held by two ornamental buttons. And I stitched it all on this portable little sewing machine my MIL gave me.

Okay, so I'm not ready to quit my day job yet, but I think I did a pretty good job here. :)


  1. You sew! You sew! No shit. You are THE Man, I tell you, James! THE Man! With all the creativity juices flowing, you never fail to amaze me!
    Respect. *salute*
    Jesse looks totally like a prince charming. But where's the sword and shield? Forget about the sword, give him a light saber instead.

  2. *faints*
    u sew too?
    he's even got a drum kit!

  3. Very impressive. Hats off to you dude! :)

  4. jesse looks so handsome in his prince costume made by his dad.
    made by his dad? oh wow. first we heard his dad cook, now we hear his dad sews.
    you are multi-talented, james!

  5. Nice... :)
    Love Jesse's pose - very princely-like. *grins*

  6. Pretty good job indeed james..!!

  7. *jaw dopped*
    *pick up jaw from floor*

  8. Very princely indeed. A kiss from this little prince will wake up even the Snow Queen. You outdone yourself this time my bro. ah am impressed.

  9. hey this costume is so macho. don't play play ...
    Jesse looks so handsome in it. Great shot!

  10. Aha~, James, so your the king and Mae is the queen rite ? lolzzz

  11. Now make yourself a costume!

  12. It does look great. Good job, dad. Didn't know that you can sew.

  13. wah i didn't know u so domesticated wan! :D

  14. You da man! Can cook, can sew... wanna work as nanny or not? :D

  15. Jason, we recycled his pirate sword from his previous fancy dress party in school and also made him a crown.
    LOL MOTT, I dun actually sew very well, but I do know how the pieces are supposed to fit together. The drumkit... well... heh.
    Thanks Sillypat.
    Thanks Carrie.
    I dabble in a lot of womanly stuff, Lucia. Hahahah!
    Hahah, Maggie. Duncha just love how the cape flies behind him?
    Thanks MamaBok.
    Aw, Biow, you're just being nice. Please dun stop. Heheh.
    So, you're pathfinder now, eh? :lol:
    Macho, Greenapple? Hahahah!
    We try, Zhangh. *ahaks*
    Fanboy, I do have a costume based on a fairy tale as well. That fairy tale is "The Emperor's New Clothes". But I'm sure you don't wanna see that. :lol:
    I've been trying to for awhile now, Mrs Wallace.
    *ahem* Domesticated as a puppy, Bonnie.
    You would hire me, Kat? :lol:

  16. I DARE you to post it.

  17. I remember having to sew Halloween costumes for my kids too some years back. Gosh, what a finger-pricking experience that was. Not good at sewing and have accepted that fact enough not to try again. :-)