Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm in Johor again. But if it seems like I never left there since my last blog entry, please accept my apologies for my half-assed attempt at blogging.

When I left for here on Sunday, I told the boy I would be back by Thursday. "When's Daddy gonna be back?" I asked to make sure he understood me. "Thursday!" he shouted at the top of his voice, cheerfully. A little too cheerfully, in my opinion. Hmph!

Still, I have come to accept the fact that life goes on, even if I'm out of town. He's got so much to keep him occupied that I'm surprised he even remembers who I am.

But today at bedtime, Mae calls. "He refuses to sleep," the wife reports, "he says he wants to wait for Daddy."

I'm grinning from ear-to-ear just thinking about it. I guess my boy does miss me after all. And that is surely a good enough reason to update the blog. :)


  1. I'm sure you miss him too ...
    Hope all goes well and you get to go back home soon ... kesian Jesse

  2. Me thinks short trips are alright la...it's the month long trips that'll get you stares from him..like..'who the heck is this guy?' ha ha ha..

  3. i think a huge spiderman toy from Holiday Plaza might cheer up jesse lots when you get back...!

  4. Hehhee!! the boy sure have you twirl around his fingers.. muahahhaha!!

  5. I'm sure that when you heard that he refuses to sleep because he wants to wait for daddy, you couldn't sleep all night or you slept with the grin still on your face. Hahaha. Happy New year to you all. Cheers!

  6. Thanks P.
    Indeed MOTT. Which is why I subject the kid to a daily propaganda program to ensure he never forgets my face.
    Nah, Simon. He's into Supes now. :)
    Indeed MamaBok. 4 years old and all powerful.
    Yes, maam, Mumsgather.