Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in PD

We had a nice little Christmas getaway this year. Most of the family were away and we decided to get out of town too. Also, I had been working so much that it was a nice change of pace for me.


Ever since our last beach holiday in Pangkor, Jesse's been re-enacting his little playtime on the beach. It was quite cute, but quite sad all the same. He'd bring out his sand castle bucket and spade and play pretend burying his own feet in make-believe sand. So we decided to do this for him.


This time around, Jesse decided to give swimming a pass. For some reason, as he grows older, he seems to be more fearful of stuff. I could see the fear in his eyes as we got into the water. I would have like to throw him in but that would probably cost me in therapy fees in the future.


We stayed in Guoman. It was a lovely place and there was a nice manicured garden where folks flew their kites. And we flew our kite. Now it must be said that I only learnt to fly a kite when I was 18, and that was the only time I ever managed to get one airborne. So I wasn't so sure if our kite would pull a Charlie Brown on me. Thankfully, the wind was great. But it didn't matter much to Jesse. For him, all the fun in flying a kite was the running around.

And now, on with the program! C'mon 2008, we're waiting. :)


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours..! Jesse is really growing up .. and what a good looking kid too. . :)

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Have a blessed and a great 2008 for ya.

  3. happy new year to you, mae and jesse! that's tg tuan resort, right?

  4. Thanks MamaBok. And happy new year.
    Happy new year, P.
    Happy 2008 Simon. Nope, that's the Guoman. Lovely place.

  5. If he likes kites, maybe can take him to melaka, the kite museum. Nothing great - but there are a few nice big ones.

  6. What an amazingly good picture that was...the last one, with Jesse running with the kite! Nice pix! I would love to head over with the kids somewhere soon too. Next school holidays lah. Go cuti-cuti this more pokai-inducing trips like HK Disneyland this time. :-)

  7. He likes playing them, Gina. Not looking at them.
    Hey, give me a pokai inducing trip any day, Marsha.