Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Eye See

I have a tendency to leave my spectacles all over the place, so this morning's episode wasn't terribly unfamilliar to me. Except that after over one hour of searching, the damn glasses were still nowhere to be found.

"Honey," I called Mae on the phone, "did you happen to see my glasses?" Nope. "What about Anie," I asked if the maid had seen it. No again.

By then I had overturned the entire house. I was late for work. And the bloody specs were still nowhere to be found. So, I decided to go to work blind. As I left, I called the wife again.

"Maybe Anie accidentally broke them," I presented my conspiracy theory to Mae, "and decided to get rid of the incriminating evidence." While I spoke, I found myself making my way towards the trash disposal room, half expecting to rummage through this morning's garbage. Thankfully, I came to my senses.

As I drove, I called Mae again. "Maybe you took my glasses."

"Of course not," she snapped, quickly losing her patience. "I can't wear your glasses without getting a headache!"

"Maybe you put them in your handbag by mistake," I suggested, sheepishly. I was getting desperate. "It could happen."

"Don't be silly," Mae scoffed. Damn woman scoffed at me. And I took it like a downtrodden little boy, defeated. Wasted and spent, by my cheap hundred ringgit glasses. And a wife who scoffed at me.

Half an hour later Mae calls.

"Erm... hehe... I have good news and bad news," said a self-righteous monkey of a klutz on the other end of the line.

Ho ho ho. Sweet revenge.


  1. you sound like my mother, always leaving her specs all around, then making us children look for it every time.

  2. Haha! Justice has prevailed. :P
    Welcome back, as you have been not blogging for quite some time.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. ...finish the story darnit!

  4. What's the fun in looking for stuff on your own when you can terrorise others, Suanie? :lol:
    Thanks, Jason.
    :lol: Fanboy. It was in her handbag and she was sOooOOOooo smug about it.

  5. women don't like to be told (when you said "maybe you put it in your handbag by mistake"). perhaps then you should use a different approach like "i appreciate it if you help me to look for my glasses. let's look around everywhere including your handbag."
    btw james, how can you go to work without your glasses? guess your power is not high?

  6. How did it get in Mae's handbag..??

  7. I also kept misplacing my spectacles. Maybe both of us should get our eyes lasered lah. Then no need to wear specs lor. End of our problem..
    I remember your glasses and Mae's glasses are of the same make - is she wearing your glasses? And this means - her power has increased? LOL. Anything can happen to Mae! Hahahah!

  8. Man...I even feel smug for you!
    James: 1 Mae: 253452... At least it ain't 0 anymore! Moral victory!

  9. How true, Lucia. That first sentence, anyway. Hahahah. Nope, my power's not that high.
    I suspect a monkey put it there, MamaBok! :lol:
    She's a walking case book for Murphy's Law, Gina. Hahahah!
    I live for small victories, Fanboy. Hehhehh.