Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superman Returns




If you haven't already figured it out, Jesse is in his Superman phase now. One minute he's mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, the next minute he's unbuttoning his shirt and baring his chest all over town. It seems like you can't take any shot of boy minus the pose. It's infuriating.

As you can imagine, he's got a growing collection of Superman paraphernalia, including the costume. But it's not enough that he has the suit, he also insists that I get one. Thankfully, they only have t-shirts for men my size. Just imagine me in blue tights and red underwear. Not a pretty sight, believe you me.

Anyway, Mae decided to get in on the action and got herself a Superman t-shirt too. However, in his eyes, Mommy is Wonder Woman. Now, does anyone know where can I get my hands on a Wonder Woman costume? Please understand that it's not for my kinky fantasies enjoyment. I'm just doing this for my boy. Really.


  1. As if you're not gonna try on that Wonder Woman costume once Mae leaves the house...

  2. i'm not sure about the costume but can arrange the wonder woman whip just for you, hehehe :P

  3. :P
    There's a shop on the top floor of the new wing of Sunway Pyramid called either Marvel or DC Comics. I saw Wonder Woman Tees there. :P

  4. Hahaha! I just saw him in Batman suit the other night I went to your house.

  5. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    oh dear lovely Jesse so cute ;)

  6. if you wanna rent, you can go sri harts. near cat whiskers boutique is a costume rental shop upstairs.

  7. You can get a cute wonder woman cami set, but that's as close as i've ever seen to an actual costume! They had them on sale a little while ago:

  8. Eh, you can sew wat. Surprise her with one lah. Then you can make the cleavage as high or low as you want... :D

  9. *ahem* Mamabok!
    Dun confuse your own fantasies with mine, Fanboy. :P
    There's a whip, Buaya? WiooOo...
    Thanks Silly Pat. But, only a t-shirt? Heheh.
    He's in one or the other everytime, Gina.
    Thanks for saying so, Zhang.
    Well, well, Bonnie... so you've been up to no good yourself, eh?
    Haha, thanks for that Suzanne!
    :lol: Kat. I think I can only do kiddie costumes.