Friday, February 1, 2008

Project Codename: Cicakgirl

James & Maya Karin

It's Maya Karin. In red leather. And all over me. Which explains the shit-eating grin on my face. Took awhile for Mae to slap it out of my system. Hahahaha.

Seriously though, it was all work and I'm happy to add that Maya is as lovely in person as she in on screen - unless you only watch the scary bits in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam. Very down-to-earth, and very nice. Despite me poking a camera in her face the entire time. :)


  1. My cousin met her before as person and didn't quite like her. I guess it's common that people might be nicer to the opposite sex. Haha!
    She is one petite little woman huh?

  2. oh.. oh.. someone is in real trouble. .muahahahha!!!

  3. Wa lau eh...what a grin! Si pek hiao leh...

  4. Nah, Gina. Maybe I'm just more likeable than your cousin. Heh.
    Read em and weep, Simon. :)
    What trouble, MamaBok? ;)
    It's Maya Karinlah, Anjali. Hahahh.
    KK, serves you rite for not showing up! Heh.
    Yes, Yuin, let it out of your system.

  5. "Seriously though, it was all work"
    Lol! Added that for Mae's benefit izzit. She looks gorgeous. No wonder you had to. Hahaha.
    Oh btw, Happy Chinese New Year to you all. :)

  6. Happy new year to you too, Mumsgather.