Sunday, March 9, 2008

Memorable Birthday

I remember my 19th birthday. I was 19, and it was my birthday, and I remember it.

I went to my girlfriend's house to celebrate that evening. I drove my ass all the way across town to see her, half expecting to get lucky a nice surprise. Well, I got a surprise. It wasn't nice, but it was a surprise nonetheless. The girl decided to dump me that night.

She could have picked any other night to do the deed, but maybe she wanted it to be memorable. It's a shitty thing to do to a guy, dumping him on his birthday. But she did it anyway. The bitch.

I wonder what's happened to her. Perhaps she's gone to live in the constituency of Sg. Siput. Heh.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday today. Wish me. And I swear this story is true, except maybe that last part. Any similiarities to current issues are purely coincidental.


  1. Happy Birthday? You are one day later than Sungai Siput guy hor?
    And what are you doing up at this hour lah!

  2. heppy birdday to uuuu, heppy birdday to uuuu, happy birdday dear Jaaaammmmeeees, heppy birdday to uuuu....

  3. happy birthday!
    sg siput guy? probably an yek of God.

  4. happy birthday!
    i spent 3 birthdays with a boyfriend. he never celebrated for me. so cheer up bout your one shitty birthday ;)

  5. Happy bday, asswipe! March 9 is semi value's "bestest" bday present.. and also everyone's "bestest" present - to a new Malaysia!

  6. You have no shame. XD Happy birthday anyway...maybe somebody will give you a tupperware full of it.

  7. Many thanks for the wishes, people!!
    Lilian, staying up to wait for your updates lah. Hahah!
    Yes Duckie, even God cannot tahan the fler.
    Oh no, Jo. You need a new boyfriend. And stay away from Sg Siput.
    Hahah, asswipe. Yes, everybody's celebrating.
    What is this "shame" I keep hearing about, Fanboy?

  8. heh heh i'll ALWAYS remember ur birthday! just 3 days after no.3!!!
    so many ppl were born in the month of march...why ah? very laku meh? or...the month of june/july, very 'heng' to make babies ah???

  9. Hi James,
    are the same one from the Citroen forum.. hehe.... i noticed your xm in the workshop. looks great mate.

  10. Ha MOTT, no 3 must be a clever fellow like me. :)
    Hey Radha! The XM needs plenty of work.