Wednesday, March 26, 2008


carbon copy?

I've been away from home too long.

There was the whole crazy couple of months of nights in the office. There was the company trip to Bali. And even when I touched down at KLIA on Monday at 6:30am, I came right back to work shortly after. And I have been at work since.

Last night was an all-nighter. And right about 6am this morning, I started to lose my mind a little, so I took a stroll around the office building. As I did, I thought about my little family. There was Mae, the wife. Long hair. Lovely complexion (most times). Strong nose. Nice eyes. Tall, almost my height. Slender. And sexy, as long as she doesn't wear those purportedly comfortable but definitely hideous checquered shorts she likes to wear at home.

Then I thought about Jesse. And suddenly, my mind just drew a blank. The wheel was stuck and the hamster inside was probably dead. I thumped the side of my head to reboot. I tried Alt-Ctrl-Del but nothing worked. Try as I might, I couldn't remember what my poor little boy looked like. Not at all. I got the name right, but the face just wasn't registering.

I panicked.

Thankfully I always kept a couple of his passport photos in my wallet. I flipped the billfold and there he was, just like I (can't) remember him. And then I quickly went back to my computer to look at our shots together.

*sigh* I don't think I can make up. Not ever. Looks like I'm gonna be wrapped around his little finger for eternity.

I gotta get my ass home.


  1. waddya still doing writting this... GO HOME! :)

  2. Yeah, time to go back home, and then only go back to office. Heh.

  3. maybe u shd plan a short trip away with the fam...while ure at it switch the mobile off as well enjoy a relaxing weekend with the family with the much deserved and needed bonding time.

  4. I asked Jesse where Daddy was just now.
    Cool as a cucumber, he said "Uhm..Daddy is at his office meeting now. He will be back late."
    He has good PR skills, that boy! :)

  5. Daddies are great now.. during my time.. dads weren't so hands on.. nor were they this good.. ;)

  6. James... if have pix of u when u were a kid, then we can see if it exactly is a carbon copy, hahah.. wonder what characteristics of Mae does Jesse have ?

  7.'s been a while since I last dropped by. I, too hv hideously comfortable checkered shorts. But, Mr. T threw them away.... while I wasn't looking. Hmph!
    As long as you spend quality time with Jesse n Mae, that's enuff. That's how they'll remember u!

  8. Still have to work mah, Eggy!
    I can only wish, Jason.
    Good plan, Deepa. Will consider this.
    Hah, Maggie. Takes after his father. :)
    MamaBok, if I were good, I'd be at home.
    Will dig one up, Paulos!
    Get rid of those chequered shorts, MOTT!!!!

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  10. You should get "hot daddy" title