Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kungfu Healing

I've had a pain in my back for years now . It isn't so much a pain as it is an annoyance - y'know that feeling that something just ain't right? So, last year I decided to visit a Chiropracter.

I went into the room for a consultation, and got just that. Mr Fancy Pants Chiropractor made me stand up, sit down, and touched my back gingerly, and ascertained that I needed to have my spine straightened. "But not before you get an X-Ray," he advised as he wrote out a prescription for an X-Ray which I would have to get from a lab somewhere else. "Thereafter," he continued in his upper-crust, schoolmasterly tone, "you come back here and we can get started." But I would have to come back yet another time before he would treat me.

So it was, one trip for a consultation, one trip to the x-ray, one trip to get Bones to look at my X-ray, and finally a trip to get my back fixed. "One more thing," he added as I headed out the door, "treatment will be over the course of a few visits!" With that, I decided then that I would suck it up and live with it instead.

Then, my brother Jeff introduced me to his friend, Erik. Erik's father had been the founder of Hap Kune Do style of martial arts, and junior had picked up the family trade. Here was a guy who could kick your ass out of its joint and pop it right back for you. You'll be surprise how much kungfu he's got hidden behind that cheery demanour of his.

It was amazing. He cracked my entire spine with a couple of his kungfu moves and then some. That was Saturday. Yesterday, I went for one more round and I'm all good now. But most of all, I love how it was all a straight-shooting, no-bullshit, man-to-man deal. This is what the world needs - instant relief. Not more appointments.

Got a bone out of place? Look Sifu Erik up. RM 60 only.


  1. hmm... looks interesting. maybe i should give it a try.
    btw james, i hope you and your readers will please sign the memo for freedom of information!

  2. Eh..I thought you gonna talk about the revival thingy happening in your church as shared by Mae. I thought God has straighten you up. :D

  3. Fuyoh... does he do slipped disc as well?

  4. Thanks for the link, Lucia.
    Of course, Yvonne. I'm walking proof. (Walking straighter too, now)
    God would probably have to straighten me out in other ways, Gina.
    I'm sure he does, Bonnie.

  5. Hey James, can i know which branch you went for your Sifu Erik? i am seeking for help for my ankle ....... thanks!!!

  6. Mailed you, Pinky. I go to Sea Park.