Thursday, June 26, 2008


It was a dreary Tuesday afternoon and I was on the way to a client when I decided to call Mae.

"So how was Jesse today when you picked him up?" I asked the wife.

"What!?" she replied. "Didn't you say you were gonna pick him up!?!?" She was all in a flurry now. By now, my voice resonated with shock and concern. "But... but you said you would," I stammered.

"Wait a minute," I regained composure, "you're kidding me, right? You picked him up, right?"

"NooOooOo I didn't!!!"
she shrieked in panic. It was 3 o'clock and we had forgotten to pick up the boy from school. The poor kid was probably feeling like his parents had abandoned him.

Or so it seemed. Heh.

Every now and then, I do take some time off from work to pick the boy home from school, whenever Mae and her mom can't do it. I enjoy it. And of course, every now and then, I also enjoy taking some time off my busy schedule to screw with the wife's head. Heheh. She loves it when I do it.

You can almost hear the affection in her voice when she said, "Don't ever do that to me again, you ass!"



  1. You sneaky little bugger. :P

  2. All correct, Jason, except maybe "sneaky".
    What can I say, Mumsgather, I'm a regular Toys 'R Us kid.

  3. LOL, Yes you ARE an ass. :P

  4. Muahahahahah!!!!
    You better not do that too often as you guys aged... you know.. heart attack and stuffs. Hahahah!

  5. Tsk tsk ;) Poor mae!

  6. Only when it's funny, Naoko. :)
    She lives for moments like these, Kim.
    Gina you ass.
    Really, she likes it, Chun. I think.

  7. the wife mentioned this post to me and we had a hearty laugh, more me than her, afterwhich she added, " don't you ever do that to me" with a steely glare that would have melted metal.
    I am sure she likes it. Really.

  8. You're not the first to do this.. just imagine when you have more than 1 kid.. hahhaa
    you might be leaving one and not the other.
    Just don't bring home the strays.

  9. Go ahead and live dangerously, Husband.
    It'd be interesting, though, Paulos!